Practical Foolishness -a puzzle for Spring '08


Distress call for cleaning pad brand. (3)
Misbehave in lilac Tupperware. (3, 2)
Digital scheduling gadget in messy pad. (3)
Troubles stirred up in dirty vase. (9)
10 Kids gotta go do this at inoppurtune times; sounds like a soup legume. (3)
11 Work on a quilt dawn to dark; note after mi, blind walleyed pike, Rock Hudson co-star. (3, 3, 3)
15 Neatest, keenest; short Spanish most uncertain. (9)
16 Logo for big time act or Beantown Transit Authority; confused bat. (3)
17 We don't want this stuffed come November; spherical toy plus extra innings plus indulge in pugilism. (6, 3)
19 Chunk of land surrounded by wtr; mislaid without a maid. (3)
20 Calif. city chapter of Sixties radical group initially losing all slow dogs sleeping. (2, 3)
21 Aliens, outworlders trapped in Betsy! (3)


Strikes woman with multiple personalities; in the beginning Slavic Psychaitrists systematically bill. (5, 5)
Rescue Bruce from opposite of spend won't ain't. (4, 6)
Fourth month jesters; goons after march. (5, 5)
Music media; chop the front off flat panel displays. (3)
Follow little snack maker or attach monkey appendage to infamous Dallas doer. (4, 6)
Puzzlewriter: This is what I have to do mid-April; empty payloader, Myst without the hiss, tools favored by headsmen. (3, 2, 5)
Peed, came back from pool end with the most water. (4)
12 Camera feature abbreviation found in cafe mafia. (2)
13 Small bit of lithium briefly found in Caesar's fifty-one. (2)
14 In re young demon pried from the impasto. (2, 2)
18 Dr. Timothy's treat gets phone company broadband flavor mixed up. (3)

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