A new puzzle for the New Year with a Hidden Message from the Troll.


First part of message. Gleeful, unused; found in unhappy newsmen. (5, 3)
First lady before beginning? (3)
Part of delicious Ivy League student. (3)
Teeter atop; in this crazy season we try to keep our balance. (6, 2)
10 Third part of message found in the middle of an epithet rolling off the tongue. He'll trot uncertainly this way and that. (3, 5)
11 Require approval; sounds like we put the knee into a certain famous western corral. (4, 4)
14 Porc. is one kind of this, and it comes back as a kind of room or center. (3)
15 Gov't. Toxic waste bureau involved in seepage repair. (3)
16 Part 3 of message, maybe part of crazy Faery ROM; recent change plus subtraction. (4, 4)


Uncertainty found first in hero sighting tall nasty Cyclops. (8)
Salute to Maria is something the haves have and the poor don't. (3)
I think of this as a disgruntled period, rhymes with aggrieved Sara. (6, 3)
Classy magazine; one thing you could call either Sue-Ryn or the Troll; twist up a keen worry. (3, 6)
Famous Jeff Lynne band comes back as cheer at bullfight. (3)
If there were a prize for solving this puzzle this is what you might do: get an old sweet potato. (3, 3, 3)
12 Lg. shoe size sounds like scream.
13 Remove the hockey stick from Alpo and get a military post office. (3)

Stumped? Here are some bonus clues.

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