Spring '05 Cryptic







Result of northern girl's first day of sunbathing in a bikini resembles early avian harbingers of spring. (3, 7)
Star Wars princess is trapped in certain brands of cameras--so is a Hawaiian garland. (6)
10 Concatenation; sounds like some of what you seek went hence. (8)
13 Experience in the middle of life electric. (4)
14 Yiddish exclamation comes back as a slang affirmative. (4)
15 What is left after the snows; bits of muddled pudding lees. (3, 7)
18 Common to gold, mold, cold and columbines. (2)
19 A way to restrain sounds like an April shower.(4)
20 State that comes from opening the windows after long winter; found in air in essence cleansing. (8)
22 Just because you bought a lottery ticket doesn't mean you've done this; split a won ton with a blind sasquatch. (3, 3)
23 Partial contents of 15 across; crazy me tends owl wet with the stuff. (6, 4)


Everyone shows skin after the long winter and we get this; sounds like that French tower. (6)
Detailed plan; take the oaf out of unprofitable and mix it all around. (9)
College for fishermen? Would being part of it make you a creel undergraduate?
(4, 1) **lame answer warning**
Teutonic one comes from chopping the head off a Berlin refusal. (3)
Most of these occur in the home; having one happen makes crazy tics dance across your face. (9)
Oil rating initially seems accurate everywhere. (3)
Old Cats guy's first two; take the sheep sound out of bats. (2)
11 That which was to be proved can be found at either end of quaked, quarried, and queued. (3)
12 Short distress call alphabetically very close to tot. (3)
14 Wants to send Japanese money to; take the art out of confused attorneys. (4, 2)
15 What has to be done to the lawn soon after spring begins; Udall meets Bush? (3)
16 Desiccated; sounds like what you might call de car? (5)
17 Untruth twists up famous Whitney's first name. (3)
20 Online haunt common to canola oleo, cacao loaf, and Wilde's jail. (3)
21 Grain, whiskey, bread; yer turned around. (3)
22 All of us initially in wild ecstasy, ending sorrow everywhere. (2)

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