Horn 'o plently twists into rococo pain. (10) [one of two alternate spellings]
Verdant drunk. (4)
What most poor folks drive; jalopy found in a gold card. (3,3)
12 Broad; beginning of winter delights. (4)
13 Blooms in cheeks, parade, sorry honey bouquet can help put sores back in order. (5)
16 Traditional Thanksgiving delight; a savory middle finger? (1, 5, 4)
18 That holiday feeling is bigger bill than fivers with part of scream. (5)
19 Favorite color for nylons puts small credit in Eur. Union. (4)
20 Lifestyle we don't want our relatives to indulge in at family gatherings; we'd retreat finding some of it dismal, nu? (6)
22 The part all relatives want stroked; ergots without the overtime. (4)
24 What we may end up in after hosting a family gathering; restaurants have more silver and less ego involved. (10)


What a rooster does at a hen over a coop sale gone wrong; the problem was found in escrow at her doing. (4, 2, 3)
The goods as we wave our guests goodbye; expel hornpipes. (9)
Common to rock and pay--and Pepsi Cola and St. Olaf. (3)
Indian food attempt to secure favor--Tim who played in Rocky Horror sure thinks so! (5)
Operating system for Macs is place dyslexics think you can find Glinda and Tin Man. (2)
A good person to know the way some people cook; take a cathartic, Ian. (9)
Cuts, trashes; chopping tools, landfills. (4, 5)
10 Beer kind that doesn't quite reach elite status. (4)
11 A kind of pool not for swimming; start to repeat with this and get a break--or a declivity. (4)
14 Short baby deliverer's schooling; bode uncertainly. (2,2)
15 Makes mistake, as on side of caution; sounds like fancy attitude. (4)
17 Singer bigger than a fiver. (5)
21 Home to Thanksgiving, as in give us a turkey dinner! (3)
23 Appelation for some sports cars could be shorthand for Got turkey? (2)

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