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Teas and Tea Tools

Herbal TeasHill Woman Herbal Teas

I have been making these for far longer than I care to admit, and they have their own devoted following.
These are loose teas. Tea bags may be more convenient, but the herbs must be finely ground for consistent blending and to fit into a small packet.
Loose teas naturally disperse their flavors and properties.  The ingredients are all first quality, from certified organic growers whenever possible, and listed on the label. Each 2 oz. bag is $3.50, or any  three for $9.75
Please call for availability of teas and tea tools!

A small selection of tea tools are listed at the bottom of the page.

Hill Woman's Favorite Naturally sweet, refreshing blend of Mint, Lemon Grass,
and other Herbs. Good hot or iced.

Sage Mint
Hearty winter brew of Chamomile, Mint, Sage and other Herbs,
good at the onset of a cold. May help ease hot flashes.

Blossom Blend #1
Mildly sedative, a blend of flowers with Valerian Root, perfect for
putting your feet up and relaxing.

Blossom Blend #2 A blend of the Herbs and Flowers of Love, such as Jasmine,
Red Clover, Damiana and other Herbs.

Tea #3
A blend Raspberry, Rosemary, Catnip and other traditional headache Herbs. 
Holiday Blend Spices with Orange blossoms and peel. Good by itself or mixed with juice.

Mulling MixMulling Mix

This old favorite is a sugar free blend of orange peel and  spices
created for mulling cider or red wine. A quarter  cup scoop comes
in a muslin bag packaged in cello. That's enough to flavor 2 gallons
of beverage. There is a formula for making your own on the back of
the label. $2.50 per package. Call for availability.

Tea ToolsTea Tools
Bamboo tea strainer. $1.50 each
2" Stainless Steel Tea Ball $2.75 each.
Mesh Infuser Spoon $2.75 each.


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