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SUE-RYN'S Book -Plus SOME Others . . .

Book coverSue-Ryn's book, Hillwoman's Kitchen Herbal Recipes, is filled with recipes for culinary blends, tea formulas and bath herbs, including such  historic favorites such as Stew Brew, Broth Blend, Green Salad Herbs and Herb Woman's Favorite, and filled with illustrations  by NNY artist Paula Towne. The book also offers plant and planting lore, basic concepts of jelly making, and herbs as part off your life. A local effort, it has been published by Metaphysical Times Publishing, and edited by Georgia Cunningham.

This book will be a great gift to yourself and to friends. It will be listed here on the site as soon as available, and listed in our mail order catalog when it comes out in November.   The single copy price will be $12.95, and there will be special pricing for orders of multiple copies.

Single copy: $12.95

Wholesale orders of a minimum of 12 copies will  become available in November-call for details.


Herbal Teas 101 Blends

Herbal Teas-101 Nourishing blends for Health & Vitality. Kathleen Brown,
Storey Books, 1999. 153 pages, paperbound. This book contains a wonderful assortment of tea formulas for all ages and needs.  Ingredients include garden herbs,  wild herbs, and a few exotics. The book offers basic blending and brewing info, and info about 70 different herbs used in the recipes. $14.95 [$16.95 list]

Balms & Salves 

Balms and Salves  How To & Recipes. Tina Sams & Friends. The Sibling Group.
 A 55 page gem packed with everything you need to know for making your own healing balms, salves, butters, and lotions. Instructions are clear and concise, and a resource list is included. Over 55 recipes, many from Sams magazine The Essential Herbal.  $6.95

Foraging and Feasting

Foraging and Feasting.  Dina Falconi, Healing Arts Press 2013 This is a field guide and wild food cookbook illustrated beautifully by Wendy Hollander. The recipes use freely gathered foods to create tantalizing nutritious meals. It is empowering, instructive, and easy to use. $35.00 (list 40.00)

Secret Medicine

Secret Medicine From Your Garden. Ellen Evert Hopman  Healing Arts Press 2016  I am a fan! This latest book will offer new information and ways to beginners as well as experienced herb workers. The subtitle says it all: Plants for healing, spirituality & magic. You'll find an abundance of herbal information about wise use, lore, and earth-harmonious practices. 16.00 (list 18.00)

Becoming Nature

Becoming Nature
Tamarack Song,
Bear & Company 2016  The author has spent his life studying and learning from many gifted elders and traditional hunter gatherers from around the world. In this book he shares stories and practices to help open our minds and hearts to the wordless language of nature. $16.00 (list 18.00)

Naturally Bug Free

Naturally Bug Free
Stephanie L. Tourles Storey publishing 2016. 75 recipes for repelling insects of all kinds indoors and outside too from materials you can grow or purchase at most markets. $
9.00 (list 10.95)

Making Vegan Frozen Treats

Making Vegan Frozen Treats Nicole Weston, Storey Publishing 2015  50 recipes for ice creams, sorbets, granitas, popsicles, and other desserts using Soy, Almond, & Coconut milks, fruit juices, and other natural ingredients. A great selection of recipes for those with food allergies. $7.50 (list 8.95)

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