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Catnip Treats

Hill Woman has been dedicated to making happy cats for nearly 30 years,
starting out with her famous perennial feline favorite Party Animal
Catnip MouseParty Animals
Tough little catnip mousies made from a  double layer of  printed cotton with a long  soutache tail.  Each is about  4" long and  stuffed with a high-test blend of organic and wild-crafted catnip.
Colors and fabric  patterns vary from batch to batch.
 One out of a hundred  or so cats manage to shred their mousie, but most play with them for months. 
 Airedale tested for durability. $5.00 each.

MOUSIE MANIAC SPECIAL!  12 Party Animal Catnip Mousies for $55!


Mr. Sardini's Snake catnip toyMr. Sardini's SnakeCats playing
Mr. Sardinis Snake is a baffled fabric tube about 20 long, 
stuffed with 1 cup of the same great catnip blend as our
 legendary Party Animals and Kitty Magic Carpets,
and comes complete with a soutache tongue.
Colors are random, though you can ask if we have
a specific color in stock. Test kitties have gone crazy!
A percentage of each sale  will go to local cat rescue projects.
$12.00 each.  
Above at right are Sue and John Lee's three cats either sharing their Snake, or deciding who gets custody for the rest of the evening. Below is Corbie's cat Manfred snuggling in with his Snake.


Kitty Magic Carpet catnip matKitty Magic CarpetElliot with Kitty Magic Carpet
Want to really wow your cat?
My Kitty Magic Carpet is an approximately 6" x 8" cotton print compartmented pad
stuffed with the same high grade catnip used in the Mousies and Mr. Sardini's Snake.
Great for cats who need  more  stimulation.
Send your kitty flying!!  $9.00 each, random colors. 

 The white cat is Sue M's cat Elliot going for a Carpet ride.

More pictures of both taking a Magic Carpet ride on the Party  Animals Page -as mentioned below.

Need something for your aging or stressed-out dog? Check out the
Doggy Distress Pillow.

Wallace with Magic CarpetIs your cat a Party Animal addict?  We've got a Rogue's Gallery of cats
 with the Party Animal  or Magic Carpet urge, it's the Party Animal Page
If you've got a picture  of your cat playing with one of our Party Animals
or Magic Carpets,  send it along.  You can mail your  picture
(non-returnable unless you include a SASE) to our regular mailing address, 
 or email a reasonable sized jpeg image to us at booklist@hillwoman.com  
Be sure and include both you and your cat's name.

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