SUMMER FUN -a cryptic for the rest of summer.
July, 2007


Nuptial; we strike a small bell. (7)
Kind of bean sounds like stuttering bovine. (5)
Remote control cola? (2)
11 Educate this spice to make a soft drink; blast with birdshot. (6)
13 Mane cleaning tool. (3)
15 Fabled tribe; take the hicks out of your checklists. (5)
16 Angry, Artie turned around. (5)
19 Yang's opposite in brag-free braying. (3)
21 Amble over to gab; confused hog act. (2, 4)
Brief disease maybe in under briefs; with a cuppa a computer monitor. (2)
24 Powerful engines in part of hemisphere. (5)
Proper answer to a king isn't quite 'Yessiree Bob!' (3, 4)


Summer after-dark occurrence; heat up Round Table member without Special K. (4, 6)
Washington comic imprint is kind of current. (2)
Glazing compound brand comes back as bachelor digs. (3)
Frozen treats; hear this one howls for some. (3, 6)
Neck area found in canapés and zinnia petals. (4)
Mother cry to children; Repub's + Enron's Ken. (2, 4)
Reason to visit ice cream parlor; most of day of rest inside golfer's cry while teeing off. (3, 6)
10 Colo. comp. doubled is Ms. Chanel. (2)
12 Alien is slang for ate, right, Brutus? (2)
Keen inside drape achy limbs. (6)
Romeo's nickname is Rocky Horror composer's initials. (2)
18 Quaint you; take half of railrd out of one plus two. (4)
20 Fluid infusion method four. (2)
22 McCourt novel ends gratis. (3)
25 Latin American affirmative comes back as Clinton's hard to define word. (2)

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