FALLING SIDEWAYS -a puzzle to dare the first frost.


This puzzle has a special
little added bonus answer.
When the puzzle is completed,
read down diagonally from
box 7 to find the bonus word.
When--if--you solve the
puzzle and get the word, drop
an email to the Troll and get
a congratulatory email back!



Tired; being dressed for army. (8)
American Psychological Society cut short; Papa minus one legume. (3)
Echoed no says you're not off. (2)
Overbright color as in maple leaf, sensational outcry. (5,3)
10 Thus; common to sots, soap, and isocoles triangles. (2)
11 Part of what Caesar said to Brutus, half of what a ballarina wears. (2)
12 Boy; Vlad without the Victory sign. (3)
13 When you might get there; we hear 'eight' bouncing off a mirror. (3)
14 Omit without the overtime, emit without alien intervention. (2)
15 Science fiction, San Francisco; trailing parts of as if. (2)
17 What that Thanksgiving turkey wants you to do: cast your ballot for young beef in in devoted revealer of poultry fears. (4,4)
19 Famous commuter train's nickname found in the middle of Hell. (2)
20 Eire Canal Gal is mostly salty, beginning to salivate. (3)
21 How the ground gets after that first snow; mix up that soy slush. (2, 6)


Third season departs, these are on the ground; let a confused elf save all ourrakings.(4, 6)
Simpson's character in Papua is mostly kaput. (3)
Tangy flavors; small apple pie-let samplings. (4, 6)
Dyslexic polytheists walk these; a certain Bushman says they must be crazy. (4)
State after a fall from grace can be skimmed from fun holding Nessie. (10)
Terribly; confuse a fey dullard. (10)
16 Terrible; plummeted; take the hurt out of a fellow. (3)
18 What the Doctor asks you to say; hiccup while saying aha! (3)

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