We All Fall

A puzzle for the changing season




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Seasonal lawn job for ladies' man? (4)
Kind of shoe and board; material soon to fall from the sky. (4)
Belfast bombers save money for retirement this way. (3)
10 Arabic lute comes back as dynamic twosome. (3)
11 Term for drug and computer addicts tangled in ruses. (5)
13 Camping story in content talent. (4,4)
16 Imbue with divine spark--or remake into a James Brown hit. (6)
17 Old Man Kettle in Pennsyl. (2)
19 Shorthand for no answer and not applicable inside some Snapple. (2)
20 Fancy beer brand confused a smelt. (6)
22 Get trapped--take Mr. Gore out of Abe snarled. (2, 6)
24 Where to out Tab A? Bring Altoids back up leaving Long Island behind. (4,1)
25 Defeatists think it's none of this, and it's common to carouse, espouse, and delouse. (3)
26 Prison writing instrument. (3)
27 Picard, Ponty--good fortune with a little special K! (3)
29 Short helper switches around old Soviet news outlet. (4)
30 Boards for the feet are messy kiss. (4)


Greek letter plus middle of sty plus twice five mean gone bad like punk singer Johnny. (6)
Ovens and tangled links. (5)
Where to go for a broken bone sounds like a hesitation and looks like logo seen on Queen Elizabeth's stuff. (2)
First Coward? Protest mass transit? (4)
The duelling pieces we own; sounds like sixty minutes of EPs. (3, 5)
Short words; could be acronym for What Dumb Stuff. (3)
Fall-like; sounds like nothing plus antacid plus void. (8)
12 Spicy chip dip music style. (5)
14 Helps along in amenable style. (7)
15 Skoal! Crispen that bread! (5)
18 Trees; ladders remade without the middle. (6)
21 Strut like R. Crumb in a kind of stop or on a kind of farm. (5)
23 Long time for a bent nose. (4)
24 Restful place to start on some spaghetti. (3)
28 Not THEM in our America. (2)

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