Hints for We All Fall


13 Camping story in content talent. (4,4)
The answer is TENT TALE -a camping story in conTENT TALEnt.

16 Imbue with divine spark--or remake into a James Brown hit. (6)
This is a tough one--it was for me, anyway. The answer is the rather
archaic word ENSOUL; to give a soul. Or, here, to make into a song
for the Godfather of Soul himself.

The duelling pieces we own; sounds like sixty minutes of EPs. (3, 5)
The answer is OUR EPEES, dueling swords we own; homonym hour EPs.

Fall-like; sounds like nothing plus antacid plus void. (8)
Fall-like is of course AUTUMNAL, which sounds like nothing (ought) plus antacid (Tum)
plus void (null) giving us ought Tum null

Back to the puzzle, dammit!