Flurry '05 - sort of winter themed puzzle.

Okay, here's a new one.
Generally I try to follow the
symmetrical grid rule, but
not this time because I wanted
the grid to show a specific
pattern. The resulting grid
left me (us) with more two
letter words than I really
like, but what the hell. It's 
late in the year. We're all
fried. It's better than
no puzzle at all, right?


Family doc comes back as a movie rating. (2)
Itsy-bitsy beach attire not fit for winter wear up north made from front of bike and back end of blini. (6)
Costello's partner is man in charge of abbey. (5)
Take Oregon out of killer whale to get western state; car cooling system in rear view mirror. (2)
10 Yiddish exclaimation is hip-hop salutation coming back at you. (2)
11 Rec. vehicle in middle of river valley. (2)
12 Comic actress Sandra exclaims her name when she finds it in Play-Doh. (2)
15 Cowboy cry online is member of a race described by Gulliver. (5)
18 Pixellated versions of this winter artifact fall through this puzzle grid; crazy koans flew, building blocks of a drift. (9)
21 Aged pop tune, supposedly a goodie; take a thousand from Ms. Hawn. (5)
22 Nancy and Ms. Barrymore illustrated, then picked cards, then produced weapons. (4)
23 Late princess found in diets and Audis. (2)
24 Ivan's refusal might be cute extra-terrestrial from Manhattan. (4)
25 Sci-fi gun and underground comic found when you take the father away from the late leader of the Mothers of Invention. (3)


NPR variety show host at fort. (9)
This and J make a good sandwich; add a certain kind of curve to get nework that hosts 'Sesame Street'. (2)
Actress from '10' has condition that calls for deodorant. (2)
Too long in wool socks! Confusedly fetch yeti in part of bitchy feeling tingle. (5,4)
Nine often paired with -nay, (2)
Not enough warm socks nets this; frozen piggie left for waiter? I see what a ballet dancer goes on point on. (3,3,3)
Crude balderdash is 4 year degree. (4)
13 Unfreeze; what Tweety thought he did with the Puddy Cat. (4)
14 Hot drink; put the eye out of oddity and twist it around. (5)
16 Gore in 'Bama. (2)
17 Certain infamous corral is way of saying 'all right'. (2)
19 Sports group abbreviation common to Menlo Park and Lincoln, Nebraska. (2)
20 Conductor, send money. (4)
23 Prosecutor says yes to vodka and Beluga caviar. (2)

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