Flurry '05 Bonus clues for the hopelessly stuck:

21 Aged pop tune, supposedly a goodie; take a thousand from Ms. Hawn. (5)
The answer is OLDIE --as in, oldie but a goodie; take a thousand (G) from Ms.
Hawn (G)oldie. Go ahead. Smack yourself in the forehead and groan.

24 Ivan's refusal might be cute extra-terrestrial from Manhattan. (4)
The answer is NYET--Russian for no; NY (New York) ET.


Too long in wool socks! Confusedly fetch yeti in part of bitchy feeling tingle. (5,4)
Okay, this is a hard one. The answer is ITCHY FEET. Confusedly fetch yeti (anagram
for fetch yeti) in part of bITCHY FEEling Tingle. Don't you wish you'd figured all
that out?

14 Hot drink; put the eye out of oddity and twist it around. (5)
The answer is TODDY. Put the eye out of (remove the I) from ODDITY
and twist it around . . . an anagram of ODDTY. Okay, go have one now.
You earned it.