-a puzzle to
start the
New Year
of 2007


Dis-elected; very similar to outvoted. (5,3)
Eggs found in the Bossa Nova. (3)
Stars'n'Bars flyer embedded in a Care Bear. (3)
10 Popular vote on an issue by referees? The outcome of mixing up a free nerd. (9)
11 Courtly title Yassir Arafat had from birth and Elton John had bestowed. (3)
12 Police show 'Rat Squad' acronym found in viable suspect. (3)
13 Large chunk of time for confused hero from Matrix movies. (3)
14 Once famous psychic is found again in urinary tract infection. (3)
15 The Librarian's warning initially sounds so horrifying. (3)
17 Form of comedy; Patty Hearst's abductors plus addenda to a letter plus bloodsucking insect. (9)
19 Roundabout band affirmative. (3)
20 With Maria a liqueur; recurrent in Galatian dementia. (2)
21 Mother-painter; dog-caller; music-maker in the dark--or a big fan of Whist. (8)


Prone to backtalk; sounds like Change cummerbund? 'yes' in Spanish. (4, 5)
Recooked vegetarian standby; Bushless two, future with half a tu-tu gone, all topped with a corned beef side dish for eggs. (4, 6)
Onset of the night before for first lady. (3)
These folks make monkeys of us all; crazy sitins draw Evolutionists. (10)
PUN WARNING! Sounds like work for a final resting place. You might find help in spurning abusive editorials. (3, 1, 6)
Baseball great Williams in part of a lingerie top? (3)
Cheney hallmark; misbehaving Timex. (3, 6)
16 *A whole passel killed, sounds like a swamp. (4)
18 Slang for breast in a petite cleavage. (3)

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