Bonus clues for Scary Stuff


10 Where stars of "THEM" go for cold weather; Antarean critic hacks James Dean's feet and Rip Torn's head off. (9)
The answer is ANTARCTIC  --the stars of THEM were giant ants. Take ANTAREAN CRITIC and remove D(ean) and (Ri)p: ANTARean CriTIC

18 How mutants tend to get on Bran Friday; twisted up real flaky. (3, 6)
The answer is ALL FREAKY.  All (Bran) Freaky (Friday), or, an anagram of real flaky.

23 Dead virgin tyrant and dead magazine bring same result; Neo is us, confused folk say. (2, 5)
The answer is NO ISSUE; Neo is us is an anagram.


Shake a corpse hard enough and his head could easily do this; behead a snappish officer. (4, 3)
The answer is SNAP OFF; SNAPish OFFicer.

In the manner of scary Cheney; confused, licked sty. (4, 5)
The answer is DICK STYLE -licked sty is an anagram, and apt.

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