Bonus clues--okay, answers, to some of the hard ones in Planting Thoughts


Present something, make something; bug spray before quick emergency room. (5)
The answer is OFFER; OFF before ER

12 Beloved insect fine in driveway but would make mess in garden; spring geese formation voiceover shaggy boot brand. (2, 3)
The answer is VW BUG; spring geese formation (vee) voiceover (dub) shaggy boot brand (Ugg).


Remainders of last night's dinner make crazy lover fest. (9)
The answer is LEFTOVERS; remainder of last night's dinner, an anagram of which (crazy) is lovers fest.

Best on shelves outdo marks on livestock. (3, 6)
The answer is TOP BRANDS; best on shelves or outdo (top) marks on cattle (brands).

What we call the family doctor; we're a confused group. (3, 2)
The answer is OUR GP; an anagram of (confused) group.

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