Be sure and make your mark on a ballot this November!

Another strange Hill Woman Cryptic brought to you by the Troll,
for no rational reason other than his compulsion to construct them.

  This puzzle is fairly nice, and  is more
  or less about voting.  It doesn't take one
  side or the other. But if the word that 
  immediately springs to mind when you hear
  the name Bush is uproot, then you might get
  a kick out of the Troll's Bonus puzzle, BUSHED.
  Warning! Clicking the following link
  will take you to an exceedingly anti-Bush
  puzzle! DO NOT check it out if
  you find such sentiments offensive!!

Sure, I'll try BUSHED




What we enjoy, let it ring. (7) 
What Oklahoma and Mexico are, twist up the nearest ax! (4,5) 
10 Gevalt! Come back as slang agreement. (2) 
11 Computer form factors favored by the Amer. Topiary Soc. (3)
12 Short knock-out looks like agreement in the mirror. (2)
13 Tivo, for one; what the V-chip monitors for short. (3)
15 Often given no. in motel room. (3) 16 Wander; sly Bush advisor. (4)  17 Country found hanging from notorious Florida ballots. (4)
18 Common to pundits, bandits and Jesuits. (3)
20 Asian-American comedienne who, with W, would make a breed of dog--or a meal for one. (3)
21 Mini Windows version, initially the Chilean Embassy. (2)
22 Slang for male family member or friend; looking back on it you see a mate for a scepter.(3)
24 Newish foreign gp. whose money sounds like a command to a galley slave. (2)
25 One RNC star was that Terminator dude, also this. This is a mixed up recast era. (6,3)
28 What an earthquake does, and an election can create; ground zero of a milkshake upended. (7) .


What Log Cabin Republicans try to recruit; the part of the Fairie Realm who helped elect Queen Mab. (3, 6)
Sun God spotted in irate Iranian. (2)
A period of time; one ended and another began with the passing of this women's issue act. (3)
Caesar to Brutus, hillbilly ate part of Bishop Desmond. (2,2)
Cause of bad medical problems for women, beginning despair. (3)
Having your beliefs shot down is having this critter gored; part of a losing line at tic-tac-toe. (2)
What Halliburton is sure to do if Bush is reelected; create a jalopy. (4,1,4)
Will we have Pasta as a Cabinet member is Bush is defeated? We can only say this for sure. Nixon's first initial in a form of notification. (3,4)
Good thing for a concert to have done, bad thing for a politician. Mix up a lost duo. (4,3)
14 Winnebagos; fragmented and wadded up RSVP. (3)
15 Chemical in demon weed, find it in with cannibis. (3)
19 Star type excursion you might find in an outre Klingon. (4)
22 Favorite motorcycle make of Boy Scouts of America? (3)
23 Non-bloody material found in vein, perhaps in Oregon. (3)
26 Say this for the doctor and it comes back as a brief laugh. (2)
27 Shorted copper could sound like parting words to a friend. (2) .

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