Scary Stuff -a Puzzle for Halloween '08


Howling one; poke eye out of banish, Mr. Poetic Cummings. (7)
The loneliest number is a skeletal member without a cheap horror movie designation. (3)
Top 100 film presenting body is malefic minus 1000, 50, 1, 100. (3)
10 Where stars of "THEM" go for cold weather; Antarean critic hacks James Dean's feet and Rip Torn's head off. (9)
12 Frightful Palin St. often linked to 47. (2)
13 Frankenstein's monster got a charge out of this, often shortened to first and third of "Tremors" star Bacon's first. (9)
16 Broken circuit to an electrician comes back as opposite of HI. (2)
17 Knockout start to big monkey movie. (2)
18 How mutants tend to get on Bran Friday; twisted up real flaky. (3, 6)
21 Small measure Mrs. Lovett may have used making her meat pies; initially that strange pork unnerves us. (3)
22 Chopped down governing body; blind bird is shorted two eggs from brood. (3)
23 Dead virgin tyrant and dead magazine bring same result; Neo is us, confused folk say. (2, 5)


Very dark allegiance sworn to devil--or what angry comedy star Lewis lets out when he stubs his toe. (5, 4)
Denial found in snot and notched knives. (3)
Shake a corpse hard enough and his head could easily do this; behead a snappish officer. (4, 3)
Belonging to Carrie; last of a butcher. (3)
What zombies want to do with brains; death without "Lady Chatterly" writer. (3)
In the manner of scary Cheney; confused, licked sty. (4, 5)
Italian auto decree like let there be lux! (4)
11 Garrotes or pearls, stranglers or those in need of Heimlich maneuver. (7)
14 Bad things in most wills. (4)
15 Prepares cannon to fire--a lot! (5)
19 Possible Ratched or Diesel qualif.; some where in there we gulp no! (3)
20 Short rats bite Igor; bats stat. (3)

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