A new Troll cryptic to conclude 2007


White stuff on the ground; see it in crazy felon's lawn. (6, 4)
Fizzy drink you find after taking the twirl out of swordtail. (4)
Most goofy; initially not usually the true information every soul trusts. (8)
12 Bad housing you get when you take the pea off a downturn. (4)
14 Lennon & Ono's names say it, McCartney's doesn't; one position of the power button seen in the mirror. (2)
15 The best kind of hiding place come April; tangled lax tethers provide revenual refuge. (3, 7)
19 400 Latin music disc type. (2)
20 Relative of aahed; swap O for C in female college student. (4)
21 Pleased pastry; beaming buttock; might be found in "Happy birthday, honeybunch!" (5, 3)
25 Musical final passage; first saltwater fish to be considered? (4)
26 The inevitable result of dealing with 1 across found in bellyaching backtalk. (6, 4)


Adam's green Christmas pet is balsam+short rd. + energy flow + really good grade. (5, 4)
Computer operating system would be blanket-toting Peanuts character nickname were he a geek. (5)
Discredited cult training method in NY time-keeping. (3)
One commandment for Casual Friday; not me, that is. (3, 2)
Star Wars program acronym initially sounds darkly idiotic. (3)
Scotty's demurral is Engage! without any egg in it. (3)
Watery or stygian; you and I ripped best Dove chocolate. (3, 2, 4)
10 Sounds of uncertainty you might hear in bums and umpires. (3)
11 Snicker's crossword mate found in sneering sneezer. (4)
13 Russian automobile make is player of TV Army meatball surgeon's last name tossed around. (4)
16 Planetarium or composer's name sounds like a call for attention--or horse fodder--and the word for loud dissonance. (5)
17 Lout without polite afternoon drink; Louis without existence. (3)
18 Skating knee-breaker found deep amidst Boston yams. (5)
22 Famous California freeway; fabled British humor magazine minus famous international body. (3)
23 South Seas treat is mostly poison. (3)
24 Catch; conclude; drunk's destination; long informal talk coming back at you. (3)

Twisted puzzles constructed by The Troll as a pathetic means of getting back at society.
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