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Our refund policy has been the same for a whole lot of years,
but we thought it was a good idea to restate it here
for old and new customers alike.

If you get something you're not happy with, call 800-600-3831 within a reasonable period after purchase and we can arrange a refund.
All you have to do is ship the item, or the unused portion of that item, back to me and I will gladly refund the purchase price and any applicable taxes.
Sorry, I can't refund the shipping charges, the Post Office already has that money; but there are no 'restocking fees' or any of that nonsense.
I want you to be happy with the things you get from me, because that sure makes it a lot more likely that you'll come back again. Some of my customers have been with me over twenty five years now, and I want you to feel that level of comfort and trust.

A note on refunds for the oils: I am not responsible for your experiences
using these products. As with anything used in or on the body, moderation
and common sense are the keys to success.
If irritation or discomfort occur, discontinue use immediately.
As stated above, I will gladly refund your money in exchange for
the unused portion of that product.



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