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Wellesley Island Wildlife Rehabilitation
For several years now Sue-Ryn has had her New York State Wildlife Rehabilitators License. Last year she also got her Federal License. These licenses allow her to collect, possess, transport and care for orphaned and injured birds and animals. Each year her rehab practice grows; 2013 saw over 140 critters receiving either short term care and transport or long term care and release.

Great horned owlThe ducksOsprey

Above: Great horned, 2 rehab domestic ducks, osprey

Black squirrel3 Squirrels

Above: Black squirrel, 3 squirrels

KingfisherGreen heron
Above: Kingfisher, Green heron

These are just a few of the creatures we've dealt with this year; we've had
ospreys, phoebes, baby mallards, chipping sparrows, a crow, starlings,  and a
mourning dove. We had several batches of squirrels--20 at one point!
Several batch of robins or starlings,  geese, woodpeckers, merlins, kestrels,
other owls, a waxwing, and various other birds.
We scrape by doing this with donations and fund-raising yard sales,
and all the critter care is worked in around shows, work at home, the
Troll's various jobs, and caring for our own domestic animals.

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