Zero Day Baby is a high-speed, high-energy, off-center plunge into the cyber-crime underbelly of a near-future America  a few degrees sideways from our own.

   Eliot Nussbaum, the supervisor of a motley group of geek undercover cops, has a complicated life, largely because two women have staked a claim on him. One is an online stalker, the mysterious, inescapable Delight. Who might be a woman, knows everything about him, sends him programming that has helped his rise up in his law enforcement agency, and has declared him her boyfriend. The other is Marshal Rocky Shore, a tough and heavily armed rabid cougar of a woman who is not inclined to take no for an answer.
   Eliot is about to come up against the most dangerous cyber-criminal in America: Vincent Silicano, known inside the Mob as the Silicon Don. Silicano's empire seems impregnable and unstoppable, because buried deep at its heart is his secret weapon, a strange young computer savant with the sort of mind that comes along once in a century. A seriously screwed-up creature who has nearly completed with the task Silicano has set for her: the creation of a cloud-based artificial intelligence that will put him in control of the entire planet's electronic infrastructure. This construct, named Spot, will be omnipresent and immortal once  it is initiated.

   Eliot has to stop this mother of all zero day attacks from happening. Involved in stopping--or bringing on--what might just be the end of the world are a failed scam artist, a software tycoon, a deadly 'situational adjuster', a brain-damaged TV host turned anti-computer cult leader, several stoners, more cops, a deadly pair of hitters from the West Coast, and proof that what people need most of all are more love and electricity.

Zero Day Baby is available in Kindle format at Amazon for $2.99
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