Blood and Bread
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Blood and Bread
FestivaelStephen L. Burns is the author of the mass-market SF novels Flesh and Silver, and Call From A Distant Shore, along with about four dozen short stories, most of them in ANALOG magazine.

Zero Day BabyAlso available in Kindle format are two other new novels, the bent fantasy
Festivael and the satiric SF thriller Zero Day Baby.

The Amazons were not a myth. The Amazons were real.

The Amazons became the fierce warriors of legend because they had no other choice; they were trying to protect not only themselves and their families, but a secret that could change the world for other women and all humankind. For all their prowess as fighters, they were no match for the powers arrayed against them. The Amazons were systematically hunted down and slaughtered by vast armies raised up by a male supremacist cabal who called themselves the Fathers.

The last Amazon died over two thousand years ago.
Yet a specimen of the Blood, source of the Bread, the material that made them such fearsome fighters survived the final battle, hidden in a cave in the dry wastes north of the Black Sea.

Dr. Diana Beard, an archeologist trapped in an abusive marriage, finds the last trace of the secret the Amazons died trying to protect. In doing so she is irretrievably changed, becoming the first Amazon to have survived partaking of the Blood in over two thousand years.

Now the full power of the goddesses lives in her.

Now she is drawn into a war that has been waged for over two millennia, as the Fathers try to kill her too.

Now the first new Amazon has to try to survive, and resurrect that lost sisterhood.
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