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Dancing for Dollar$

Dancing animationOkay, we admit that this is a kind of funny name for a page.
In case you haven't noticed, this is a funny kind of web site.
So what do we mean by Dancing for Dollars?
Well, just that. This is an odd little space for a few slightly off the wall
prosperity rituals. No exotic materials needed, you can keep your
clothes on [if you want], and chances are the neighbors won't even notice.
And if they do, well, explain that if they copy your odd behavior maybe
their financial outlook will improve. Have these worked for us?
Sue-Ryn hasn't been forced to sell the Troll to science yet, so at least
 they aren't working against us.

Have you got a favorite prosperity ritual? If so, send it along to to us and if it's
not too weird we'll put it here. Now, on to the ones we have right now.

First is an old one used around our house. When you see that first silvery crescent of the waxing
Moon, grab your wallet, pocketbook, checkbook or whatever and wave it at the Moon three times
in honor of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone so that your prosperity will increase as the
moon waxes.

Next is one practiced by old friends of ours, a certain visually impaired artisan and his lovely and
equally talented wife. The name of this page came from the name they've given this ritual. You must
dance on the night of the full Moon, holding the largest bill you have (a $100 bill   is nice if you have
one) while you spin around and around clockwise, saying 'Multiply, multiply, multiply." Turn as many
times as you can without falling down. When you can walk again, go back inside.

Bless a large denomination bill according to your personal spiritual path and 'seed' your wallet with it.
Do not spend it so you will always have money in your wallet. It may attract friends to keep it company.

So you're thinking this is all well and good, but you to try something up that takes less cash and is less
likely to draw stares. Grind a gold colored herb or botanical (yellow dock, cornmeal, orange peel,
dandelion flowers--whatever has that gold color) and massage some into a clean piece of paper.
Then roll it up, tie it with gold, green and red thread and place it in some place safe.
This works best when performed during the growing Moon.
The best plants to use are those that are abundant in your yard or neighborhood.
If you work with animal images, again choose one that thrives in your surroundings.

From Iris we have the following suggestion:
Put a mirror somewhere so that it can reflect an image of your cash register
 (or piggy bank, or wall safe, or mattress stuffed with cash) so you can double dollars.

These are merely outlines and suggestions--you must supply your own words and intent.
Good luck!


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