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Pure Essential Oils (PEOs)

These are pure essential oils, suitable for blending, personal fragrance, bath and massage oils, or Aromatherapy. I have listed them with their  Latin names for your information.
Oil prices have been volatile over the last few years, and so must be subject  to change without notice.
If you don't see an oil listed here, Patchouli for instance, check the Superior Quality Oils page.
The Search page has a complete listing. In a couple cases, Lavender for instance, I offer two kinds: one Pure Essential, one pricier, but higher-test Superior Quality version.
The Pure Essential Oils on this page come in 2 dram bottles.
Some oils have been dropped from last year's list, but don't despair! Call--I might have some left.

Effects code. This a code letter providing information you might find useful.
An @ symbol indicates that the oil may be used for Aromatherapy. R = Rejuvenating, S = Sedative,
G = Grounding, C = Cleansing, B = Balancing, M = Meditative, E = Energizing.
All but cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus and white pine are suitable for perfumery.
D means this oils should preferably be diluted in a carrier oil for use on the body.

P is a pregnancy warning.
The use of any essential oil on the body during pregnancy is not recommended, with the possible exception of Mandarin Orange. The warning is here for oils known to be threatening to the health of the mother and developing child. P. Davis in "Aromatherapy, A to Z" has a wonderful pregnancy belly rub/body oil recipe.

Oil name, 2 dram bottle,  Use code,  Latin name,  Main source

Citronella   $6.00 @ C R P D Cymbopog. nar. India
Clove   $8.00 @ E C D Eugenia caryph. Madagascar
Eucalyptus   $6.00 @ C E Euc. globulus Spain
Fir (Siberian)   $8.00 @ G R Abies sibirica Russia
French Lavender   $8.00 @ B R S Lavendula aug. France
Grapefruit   $6.00 @ E R B Citrus paradisa USA
Peppermint   $8.00  Mentha pep.  @E R C
   $6.00 @ E C Rosemarinus off. Spain
Spearmint  $6.00  @ R C Mentha apicata.  USA
Spruce   $6.00 @ E C R D Picea sp. Canada
Sweet Orange   $6.00 @ E C R D Citrus sinens. USA

Samples of any of these or my other oils can be had for $1 each, five samples maximum. Or you can try my

Aromatherapy Best Sellers Sampler

$10.00 for small amounts of Breathe Easy, Serendipity, Slumber, Island Breeze, and Dream Time

Mystical Blends Best Sellers Sampler
$10.00 for small amounts of Ancient Gifts, Palo Santo berry, Smokeless Smudge, Sanctuary and Theroma
New! Natural Perfume Blends Sampler.
$10.00 gets you small amounts of Green Lady, Island Amber, Serendipity, Jasmine/Ylang ylang, and  Ylang ylang/Patchouli.

Confused about the different kinds of oils?
Wondering what, exactly, a dram is? Go to Oil Info for more information.
Want daubers, droppers or orifice reducers? Go to the Wild Woman page

Please store your oils away from children, pets, and anyone who is not aware of their
potential health hazard. Some companies advocate the consumption of oils.
I DO NOT.  Such concentrated plant essences should not be taken internally.

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