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Official Guy's Page Pinup Okay, somehow or other you got to
Maybe you've never been here before, and didn't
know what to expect.
You may have noticed right off that the female energy
runs kind of high around here, and that a lot of what is
offered seems to be targeted toward women.
Being a guy, you scratched yourself and thought:
Gosh, this is a chick-site.
Then maybe you saw THE GUY'S PAGE and clicked on that, hoping maybe it would get you a beer or some meat
or something equally useful or interesting.

An apology to my gay brothers: Sorry it's a female pinup, but you guys are mostly pretty cool about this stuff, and really don't need to be told It's okay to smell good, and help others smell good too.

  Next the weird pinup caught your attention.
  So you started reading, thinking maybe this would
  tell you where to find more bizarre cuties.
  But it doesn't.
  Now you're wondering what the deal is, anyway. 
  Well, like the old Rolling Stones song says,
  "Please allow me introduce myself . . ." 

I'm the Troll. Consider yourself given a firm, manly virtual handshake.
Basically I'm Mr. Hillwoman. The one who built and maintains this site for my wife, the one and only Hill Woman. I do the computer stuff, and I make the incense -plus a lot of other scutwork that being a guy has doomed me to; things like bug squishing, fixing the plumbing, getting greasy, etc etc.
I may not be the most macho guy around, but over the years I've sold a lot of this stuff to men, and while I WON'T hold your hand,  I can give you the lowdown on what we offer here.
My amazing psychic powers allow me to know exactly what's on your mind right now:
Sex, and the burning question: So what's the deal with this Hill Woman site? Is it all girlie stuff or what?

No, not really. Let me explain. And if my explanation makes sense to you, and that starts making you nervous, just scroll back up to the Guys' Page official Hot Pinup for a moment to remind yourself that you're okay. Just  like me, she's here to help.

Most of the stuff we sell here smells good. Real good.
Some of it has been created to make men smell good -while of course not compromising their essential rough tough manly male essence. 
A lot of it makes women smell EXCEPTIONALLY good.
And let's face it, good-smelling women has to rate in the top ten reasons to be alive. 

Smelling good and feeling good is what this place is all about.
Most of the stuff here are things you might want to get for the woman or women in your life.
Quite a few are things you might want to share with the woman or women in your life.
A few are things that just might help get or keep a woman in your life because after all,  while some of us might not be that easy on the eyes, with a little help we can be thrilling to the nose.

We have a fair number of male customers. They buy things for themselves.
They buy things for their ladies. We know of one who started out buying for his girlfriend, and now he and his children make an event of picking things out for Mom, and another  event of deciding who gets to give what.
Hill Woman has been around a long time, and keeps her customers happy.

Some items we carry are as useful to guys as to women. 
No real need to explain why it's okay to buy or use them. Incense, for instance.
We make great incense, and anybody with a nose can enjoy incense.
Ritual goods fall into the same category; men and women alike burn Sage, Sweetgrass, Frankincense, Myrrh and other aromatics. You can look at and shop for such  stuff  without the feeling that you've wandered into Victoria's Secret and stand out likea big banana in a bowl of peaches.

The bath stuff may seem to be dangerous ground, but it isn't, really.
The Bath Salts can help calm and relax you. Their aroma is subtle and therapeutic, and afterward you won't smell like you were attacked by perfume nazis at a department store. Theroma is great if you're feeling off,
Sanctuary can help you de-stress better than hitting your head against things, and Northern lights is just the sort of thing for sharing a tub with someone you love. Bath  herbs are a bit trickier since they're largely to help the skin, and a lot of us figure our skin is pretty much on its own unless it's time for band-aids, stitches, tattoos, or grunge removal.
But having a  lady say "Nice skin . . ." in a sort of thoughtful way is something you can get used to.

Giving any of the bath salts and herbs will be appreciated. As for the soaps, the Bee & Flower Sandalwood soap is great stuff for a guy -and my personal favorite. It does a good job cleaning, and the aroma it leaves is masculine and stimulating. Any of the soaps we carry could work for you because things smell different on each person, and any would make a good gift for the woman in your life.

Oils. These aren't 3 in 1, or Valvoline. They smell -and have been known to lubricate the wheels of love. Once again, everyone's body chemistry is so different that oils smell different on different people.
Don't let the names stop you, either. I've seen big hairy beer-gutted bikers buy Huntress for their girlfriends and for themselves. The name won't give you girl cooties, or create sudden urges to buy high-heeled shoes and a matching  purse. Here are some of the most popular oils for men, by category. 

Aromatherapy Oils: Sanctuary, and Northern Lights.
Superior Quality Oils: the ever-popular Patchouli, Sandalwood.
Pure Essential Oils: the woodsy scents like Balsam Fir, Siberian Fir and Spruce are good choices, as are the citrus scents like Mandarin Orange, Sweet Orange, and Tangerine.

If buying for a lady, let her pick. Or be brave, and try something that sounds like she'd like it. Or get samples -available for $1 each, five maximum per order.

Maybe you never thought you'd buy Potpourri for yourself, even though sportscasters seem to use the word almost as often as Martha Stewart. But a bag of herbal potpourri  in your car's glove compartment or by the
heater vent can help it smell less funky. Some in your sock drawer can help keep them a bit less cheesy, too.
Go for flowery if you want to impress your honey with how great your Rambler smells,  or more earthy blends
like Sweet Earth or Green Man if you want to play it safe and not risk floral insecurity.

Pillows are admittedly not big sellers with men, for themselves, though a lot of men buy them for their ladies. Most guys seem to think that as long as their pillow is softer than a sack of rocks and doesn't have
any actual live chickens mixed in with the feathers than everything's okay. Maybe this will change in this new Millennium -and maybe you can help.
More men have discovered just how helpful an Eye pillow can be at dealing with the stress of life. If you think one sounds good, but are a bit hesitant, then get one for your better half and borrow it when she's not looking.

Okay, you're on your own from here. Catnip toys have no particular sexual spin.
So do many other things we list. Go forth. Explore. Conquer.
Ask for directions only if absolutely necessary.

The thing to remember is that more of this stuff will work for you than you might have first thought,
and most of it would be really appreciated by the women around you. 
Let's face it, life as a guy is hard enough. Having the women around you think you smell good and have excellent taste might just improve your life as much as the invention of the TV remote and the  pinup calendar.

Best of luck, big fella . . . .

The Computer & Incense Troll

ps: Was this any help? Let me know! Send kudos and complaints to
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