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Updated Tuesday, August 9, 2022--a bit late, again . . .|

Hill Woman continues to take, fill, and ship orders, though things are still moving slowly, partially thanks to a particular toadlike creature, the Slimy DeJoy.
Bay House Artisans is open for the summer, visit their website--link below--for current hours, They have a virtual store, with many wonderful artworks and artifacts, and among the Hill Woman goodies there is our new, exclusive to Bay House,  'Catfish' a fish-shaped cat toy stuffed with with our premium blend of wild and organic catnip. Check out the many wonderful offerings at Bay House Artisans
There will  be no show appearances for the foreseeable future.

osprey releaseI'll say it again: Who knows where the time goes? Great classic song, check out the Brandi Carlile/Rufus Wainright duet video online. That could be our theme song here. what with critter care and feeding, work, family committments, gardens, constant phone calls and random semi-emergencies.  Rehab has remained been crazy, with critters coming and going, the phone ringing constantly--always at meal time, playing tag team to keep all bases covered. We've had several releases, multiple DOA arrivals, poor cratures that only survived an hour after arrival and tiny birds that hung on a day or two. In the last month  we've released ducks, squirrels,  robins, a sparrow, and other creatures, just to have the tide come roaring in again. We'e had 3 ospreys captured and sent on--picture of one of them above--and plenty of others. At the moment we have a grey squirrel whose eyes haven't opened yet, a red who came in nearly hairless, an adult pigeon, a bluebird missing many important feathers, a head-injured flicker, a head-injured waxwing, a train-wreck waxwing, a robin, a juvie mourning dove, and just got in a baby pigeon. We're hoping to stage a yard sale to raise funds for rebab later this month, but rehab keeps us from getting very far in prep. And of course all this has been done under withering heat, and air so hot and humid you can make tea in it--and yet not enough rain. Summer can end any time now.

Sue-Ryn is doing shifts at Bay House, 3 to closing shift on Sundays mostly. We've been trying to finish gardens prepped and keep them going--all the rain that made it hard to till and pllant has gone, now it constant watering. But we are getting some produce now: beans, squash, greens, carrots, with more coming on real soon.

Beside the Hill Woman items listed here, Sue-Ryn also works with felted wool to make pillows and decorations. Shown here is a Spring Hares,  dancing in the moonlight They, like some of the poducts here can be found at Bay House Artiisans, which is now open weekends.

Bunny pillowThere has been a bit of trouble maintaining the site. This winter both our ancient Windows 7 machines were replaced. It has been mostly smooth--except for problems trying to publish new material to this site. If you are reading this then that problem, at least, has been solved, though some things may have been cut.

As mentioned above, the annual paper catalog/price list went out the day before Thanksgiving. There have been a few price changes, some aroma blends are now extinct,  and some oils are now listed here as 'while supplies last'. The premade samplers are history. but can still order up to five individual samples of non-endangered oils. There is a new Balsam Bag Want to read Sue-Ryn's annual catalog letter? It's down this page a bit.

If you are ordering, please be patient; making stock and filling orders is being continually interrupted by rehab calls--and problems getting certain materials. If your order arrived more slowly than normal, please forgive us, we're doing the best we can, and the Post Office has been messed with by the forces of evil. As ever, shipping remains free on orders over $50.00

    Here is the letter from this year's catalog . . .

It's  been a busy year around here. Baby season came on like a tornado and continued pretty much through the fall. Bay House Artisans kept me busy as well. We are experiencing some supply issues, Most of our standard stock seems unaffected, but every so often something goes awry. Shipping to and from here is sometimes a crap shoot or dice throw.
   A few items have been discontinued. Finding affordable ingredients for blending potpourris has become harder, forcing me to limit the offerings here.  Three popular aromatherapy blends are no longer available due to an ingredient that has become endangered.  Other items I used to list just don't really need to be here; most of the standard essential oils are readily available. That being said, if something you really need is not listed feel free to call and see if I have any.
   The lack of shows and other events has influenced what I keep on hand. I am focusing on comforting products I blend and make. This has allowed me to branch out  into working with recycled wool to make accessories, stuffed animals, tea cozies, and sometimes pillows�which brings me lots of joy. You can find some of those products at Bay House Artisans, and I will have some at the Syracuse Psychic Fair in February�assuming we get to have it this year (sigh).
   We seem to be living in extremely interesting times. The politics are . . . astounding. The evidence of Climate Change is getting harder to dismiss as �just more odd weather�. We all need to become a lot more conscious about what it takes to get what we consume to us. Mindfulness can be the key to maintaining a positive outlook. Focus on what brings truth, beauty, meaning, and humor into your life. Believe the truth of your senses and let your heart guide you. And remember, life moves forward. The �Good Old Days� were not always that good for everyone. Our purpose here is to make this world a better place.
   As this season of many celebrations moves along, we hope you find safe ways to share and enjoy them with those you love.

Here is some useful info from Sue-Ryn:

There are plenty of herbs that can help people through these times.

 Herb Tea is a way to create a healing ritual for yourself or your family.
 Lemon Balm is wonderfully soothing during times of emotional stress.
 Tulsi (aka Holy Basil) is healing on many levels but is best known for easing away negative emotions.
 Valerian Root is a good smooth muscle relaxer when stress turns physical.
 An old friend used to swear by a tea mixture of Chamomile & Catnip for help getting to sleep.
 I used to blend and sell a tea called Blossom Blend #1  the formula was in parts by weight 2 parts each of Lavender, Elder Flowers, Orange Blossom*, & Rose petals and buds.
That was mixed with one part each of Chamomile & Valerian root powder or small pieces, and a half part ground cloves.
Orange blossoms became impossible to find, so I substituted 1part Jasmine flowers and Orange Peel  which was similar in flavor, but not in effect.
Other herbs for stress and anxiety are St.Johnswort, Passion Flower, Linden Flowers, Scullcap, and Hops strobiles.
When blending a tea for yourself  or your family, always do a little research and be sure the herbs you are planning to use won't negatively effect underlying health issues. Many of the herbs mentioned here will grow in this northern region, a few would have to be houseplants. Maybe this is the year to think about planning and growing a tea garden, even if it's in containers.
Some of the herbs I am keeping on hand to help maintain health are:
Andrographis paniculata in the form of KoldKare from Kare N Herbs in Maine
Elderberry syrup made by a friend.
Osha Root which I usually sell, but have run out .It is an endangered planted, but you may be able to find a 1 oz. Package of the root, or a really high quality tincture from Taos herbs in Taos NM
We only use this precious medicine when we feel our respiratory systems need help.
Fire Cider you can find a recipe or several hundred on line. I have some working, made from Rosemary Gladstar's traditional formula. It's a tincture of fresh onions, garlic, ginger, horseradish & cayenne pepper steeped in cider vinegar. A little honey to balance it all will be added once it's finished and strained.
You can also purchase similar products, but it might be a fun project to make with your family.

A while back we had  to raise the price of incense Again.  The pure essential oils I use to make incense continue to rise in price, and after the last order I felt like I had two choices: raise prices or go to cheaper oils.  Going cheap was not an option. I know my customers have come to expect a certain level of quality and consistency in the scents I blend, and that includes the incense. I'm hoping to hold my price at 40 cents per stick. That means folks who order a dozen on an old or unadjusted  order form will be getting 9 sticks for $3.60 instead of twelve. The order form here has been changed to reflect the rise in price to $4.80 per dozen. I apologize for the sudden change, but this is the only way I can continue to produce the incense so many of you love.  I appreciate your understanding and support. Also up in price are Catnip Mousies and a couple oils. Some things like books, spritz kits, Bath Salts, and Soaps have been dropped--though some may end up at shows. But if you go to the Body and Bath page now you will find instructions on how to make your own bath salts!

Our Bug Repellent Oil and Spray now contain Geranium and Lemon Eucalyptus to help repel ticks. These oils have not been added to Bug Stix.

BeatriceBlame it on the animals....
        The testimonial contest that started some time last winter took off like a lead balloon. Then, baby season hit with a vengeance. Between feeding, cleaning, transporting and releasing critters, doing elder care and trying to keep Bay House Artisans stocked, things got a bit chaotic. The One and only testimonial we received was a friend of Corbie Mitleid who lives in England and raises main coon cats...so she is the winner
One thing of note. A few years ago we were called on to ship corn warmers to Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica. Well, earlier this month we heard from one of the recipients of those warmers. Here's what she had to say:

Hi Sue Ryn,

I received one of your corn warmers while working for 6 mos in Antarctica.  The endless nights that I crawled into a nice warm bed because of your lovely handmade gift brought me endless *SMILES* on the coldest continent on earth!!!  I will continue to buy corn warmers for all of my friends!!  You're a master of your craft!  THANK YOU!!!

Need 'therapeutic quality' pure essential oils at reasonable prices without climbing a MLM pyramid? Check out http://www.rockymountainoils.com
We will once again mention here something you will find elsewhere on the site, and as a sticker on order forms. There is now a limit of 5 bundles per scent on incense orders. We have some real fans out there, and that's great, but every so often we get orders so crazy big it wipes our entire stock all at once, and makes it so no one else can get any. Our incense is made by hand in small batches, and can take well over a week to cure enough to be salable or shippable. You can still order 5 bundles each of your favorites, and we hope you do. But orders of 10 and 20 or more bundles of one scent had to stop before we went nuts. Or more nuts. Also bad news for some fans: the incense blend Rendezvous is now  extinct--but  stay tuned for a new scent going  on sale later this month.

Naked HunchLongtime Hill Woman friends and customers know that Sue-Ryn's husband, the Computer & Incense Troll, is a writer with two novels and dozens of short stories to his credit. Now he has begun putting out some of his unpublished novels as Kindle ebooks.

He has a new Kindle eBook novel available for your reading at Amazon. Like the cover says, it's death and danger at a Renaissance Faire--and a nudist camp, investigated by one of the oddest law officers to ever pin on a badge, the one and only Sheriff Abe Van Wynk. It's funny, fairly mysterious, and only $2.99! Available soon is a Kindle edition of his novel Call From A Distant Shore



Or you can try his bent fantasy novel Festivael. Want to know more? Click on the cover or the earlier link. It is available from Amazon for $2.99.

Blood and BreadA third novel of Amazon resurgence titled Blood and Bread is out there.
A most unlikely woman becomes the first Amazon warrior in over 2000 years--and ends up in the middle of a war with the men who wiped out the Amazons the last time around.

Also available at Amazon for a measly $2.99 is another Stephen L. Burns Kindle e-book, the rollicking, satirical SF novel Zero Day Baby.

Zero Day Baby

From Time to time I have needed an Animal Communicator. I first met Sally Gewinner at a small event in Fulton. At that time our old kitty Belle was showing some odd behaviors. Sally helped confirm my suspicions and figure out ways to help deal with belle's transition.         Since then I have called upon Sally for help with domestic pets and Wildlife too. Her gentle healing wisdom has always proved supportive of the animals in our care.         Sally still works full time as a teacher, but you can often find her at weekend psychic and holistic fairs in the central NY region. You can find her on line at http://www.energy-light.com or call her at 315.458.2430 if you need faster help or an appointment.                 

Worth visiting is the Pets Page, a listing of tips and resources and books and links for the owner of animals  of every stripe, including information on fostering animals for people in the service.
If you are looking for a pet, be it a dog or cat or whatever, you will find a link on that page to http://www.petfinder.org
a place that can be  a world of help. That's how we found our Chloe.
Give an animal in need a home! 
What we really want is help making the page (pages, actually) even more useful. Got useful info? Regular mail it to us or email it to troll@hillwoman.com for possible inclusion.

Some more of the Troll's fiction is now available as downloadable versions
(for a modest price) online at Fictionwise. For more info, visit the Stephen L. Burns page.

A personal note from Sue-Ryn:
I frequently joke with customers, saying,  "Accept no substitutes," when asked if I am the Hill Womanwho has been around and selling herbs and scents for over two decades. Last summer a few people asked if I knew a few different people who claimed to be 'apprentices' or 'students' of mine.
While I know I have inspired and empowered many along their own herbal and spiritual paths, I have no apprentices, students (or acolytes, or subjugated minions, for that matter).
Anyone who claims to a student or apprentice is not being completely honest with you.

Feeling a bit isolated? Having a hard time finding things to help feed your spiritual side?
Desperately Seeking Serenity is a page listing some sources for books, music and more.
Check it out for a listing of catalogs and newsletters. Got suggestions for listings? Drop
us a line and let us know, please. Knowledge is best when it's shared.

As always, I'm grateful to the many folks who help keep Hill Woman grounded and growing;
the family and friends, the helpers both hired and volunteer.
I count such fine companions and co-conspirators as treasure.
Special thanks are due to each and every one of you who visits this site or reads my
brochure and accords me the honor and pleasure of serving you. Your encouragement,
kindness, and continuing support mean more to me than you will ever know.  And to
those who've visited, used, and  complimented this site, the Computer & Incense Troll
thanks you from the rubbly bottom of his black little heart.



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