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Updated  December 10, 2023|

So  the listings seem quite a bit shorter than the old days.  There are several reasons for this, and let's start out with the letter that was part of our latest catalog.

This will quite likely be our last catalog mailing.
   Things change, it’s the nature of life. After a brutally busy summer season we are both feeling our years—70+ of them. I’m finding it harder to keep up with everything we are into around here. While we both intend to  keep on keeping on, realistically it’s time to pull back and decide just where we will invest our energies, and what we will let go.
   At this point my hands no longer like packaging and bottling, and I’m inclined to allow them some peace, and use  them to work on art and things that bring me joy, or absolutely need doing. There are many new resources now for magical herbal products that are worth checking out.
   As we prepare to hunker down for another winter, please know we are thankful for your years of support and friendship. I’m planning to continue to create comfort products and some of my essential oil blends as I continue to work with recycled wool.
   After a major computer meltdown we have not been able to get back to work on the website; once this mailing goes out we will get back to work on that. I am still posting things on my Wellesley Island Wildlife Rehab page on Facebook.
   As the winter holiday season rolls around may joy and peace find a place in out hearts and minds, inspiring us to create a better world, make needed changes, let go of unnecessary strife, and find our ‘super powers’—we all have at least one.

If you are reading this then we got back into the web site.
As mentioned above, the annual paper catalog/price list went out the day before Thanksgiving. It was only one page, more an order form than a brochure. Many things have been dropped from that list, though we may still have some. There have been a few price changes, some aroma blends are now extinct,  and some oils are not listed. If you are a faithful customer, call me, I may still have some left.
If you are ordering, please be patient; making stock and filling orders is being continually interrupted by rehab calls--and problems getting certain materials. If your order arrived more slowly than normal, please forgive us, we're doing the best we can, and the Post Office has been messed with by the forces of evil. As ever, shipping remains free on orders over $50.00

It’s been a busy year around here. Baby season came on like a tornado and continued pretty much through the fall. Bay House Artisans kept me busy as well. We are experiencing some supply issues, Most of our standard stock seems unaffected, but every so often something goes awry. Shipping to and from here is sometimes a crap shoot or dice throw.
   A few items have been discontinued. Finding affordable ingredients for blending potpourris has become harder, forcing me to limit let them go.  Three popular aromatherapy blends are no longer available due to an ingredient that has become endangered.  Other items I used to list just don’t really need to be here; most of the standard essential oils are readily available.
   The lack of shows and other events has influenced what I keep on hand. I am focusing on comforting products I blend and make. This has allowed me to branch out  into working with recycled wool to make accessories, stuffed animals, tea cozies, and sometimes pillows—which brings me lots of joy. You can find some of those products at Bay House Artisans, and I will have some at the Syracuse Psychic Fair in February—assuming we get to have it this year (sigh).
   We seem to be living in extremely interesting times. The politics are . . . astounding. The evidence of Climate Change is getting harder to dismiss as ‘just more odd weather’. We all need to become a lot more conscious about what it takes to get what we consume to us. Mindfulness can be the key to maintaining a positive outlook. Focus on what brings truth, beauty, meaning, and humor into your life. Believe the truth of your senses and let your heart guide you. And remember, life moves forward. The ‘Good Old Days’ were not always that good for everyone. Our purpose here is to make this world a better place.

From Time to time I have needed an Animal Communicator. I first met Sally Gewinner at a small event in Fulton. At that time our old kitty Belle was showing some odd behaviors. Sally helped confirm my suspicions and figure out ways to help deal with belle's transition.         Since then I have called upon Sally for help with domestic pets and Wildlife too. Her gentle healing wisdom has always proved supportive of the animals in our care.         Sally still works full time as a teacher, but you can often find her at weekend psychic and holistic fairs in the central NY region. You can find her on line at http://www.energy-light.com or call her at 315.458.2430 if you need faster help or an appointment.                 

A personal note from Sue-Ryn:
I frequently joke with customers, saying,  "Accept no substitutes," when asked if I am the Hill Womanwho has been around and selling herbs and scents for over two decades. Last summer a few people asked if I knew a few different people who claimed to be 'apprentices' or 'students' of mine.
While I know I have inspired and empowered many along their own herbal and spiritual paths, I have no apprentices, students (or acolytes, or subjugated minions, for that matter).
Anyone who claims to a student or apprentice is not being completely honest with you.

As always, I'm grateful to the many folks who help keep Hill Woman grounded and growing;
the family and friends, the helpers both hired and volunteer.
I count such fine companions and co-conspirators as treasure.
Special thanks are due to each and every one of you who visits this site or reads my
brochure and accords me the honor and pleasure of serving you. Your encouragement,
kindness, and continuing support mean more to me than you will ever know.  And to
those who've visited, used, and  complimented this site, the Computer & Incense Troll
thanks you from the rubbly bottom of his black little heart.


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