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hot links to various useful and fun web sites we have found,
some we do business with, some maintained by friends.


For news about shows and the pagan community in central NY state and the occasional article by
Sue-Ryn visit The Metaphysical Times

Our friend Cindy McGonagle of the Deva books fame has her own website now!
Find her at http://www.cindymcgonagle.com

Karen Herbs has wonderful herbal formulas and offers fine quality and excellent service.

The site for the New York Pagan Assembly is at http://www.nyspaganassembly.org

The site for the Northeast Herbal Association, a wonderful Herbal Organization Sue-Ryn is proud to belong to is http://www.northeastherbal.org

Faire Artisan Sites

As some of you may know, we no longer have a booth at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, just West of Oswego NY, but some of our friends from there are out there, still doing what they do,

The Art of Fire is Foster Holcomb and Theda Hansen, the glassblowers at the SRF; they also offer other beautiful art and wares. Their site is at http://www.artoffire.com

Ben Crenshaw has the Rune Booth. He sells beautifully crafted individual runes, rune sets, rune jewelry, and the playing cards we carry. His site is http://www.enchantedglyph.com

Deanna Hubbard used to have the Painted Egg booth at the Faire, and still performs there as part of the popular and well-regarded female choral group Concinnity. She also creates hidden clock jewelry for reenactors, folks who hate wristwatches, and those who love unusual functional jewelry. Her site is http://www.clipclocks.com

Local businesses run by friends.
Northern Scentsations is where you can find Mary Golden's soaps, lotions, and other good things. Great, no-nonsense goods, honest ingredient listings, a Sue-Ryn favorite.

Tom and Mary Mitchell raise sheep and Lamas, sell wool, knit items, plants, and beaded jewelry which can be seen at our shop. Their linked sites are: http://www.stonewallridge.com and http://www.riverseedsandbeads.com

Some friends of ours run lovely cabin rental that's been in their family for a couple of generations. A beautiful location on the St Lawrence river just north of Alexandria Bay. http://www.pinebay.com

Other Artisan, Reader, and Healer Friends -

These are people whose talents I have been helped by at various times. When seeking out a reader, check out their information and choose someone YOU feel comfortable with. I believe there are many varieties of readers and healers because there are so many different kinds of needs amongst the people. -Sue-Ryn

Rya, our dear friend and palm reader from the Faire has her own site! Check her out
for shows she is staging at http://www.alternativeminds.net

Our friend Cindy [lady-love of Dave, of Dave's Rock fame] also does readings via phone and mail and since she did some fill in at the Faire we can list her in this category. You can find her on the Web at http://www.psychicsupport.com
Find the nice folks at the Health and Healing Center at http://www.healthandhealingcenter.com

Woodland Essence offers a line of flower essences from the woodlands of the Adirondacks and New England, and herbal health, skin, and body care products. Woodland Essences, 392 Tea Cup St, Cold Brook, NY 13324

Mystic Merlyn' Magical Tarot Card readings, plus news of Merry Mischief's schedule at http://www.merrymischief.net

Kris Faso does wonderful, interactive, "stone readings". For more information about Kris, a calendar of events he will attend, and some inspiring words of wisdom visit http://www.krisfaso.com

Two Hawks Gallery, a Native American and fine art gallery, crystal and mineral outlet. Also crystal gridding, Chakra gridding. Nice folks. http://www.twohawksgallery.com

Mahamere Corbie Mitleid, to help you meet your Angels and Guides, Readings, counseling. http://www.firethroughspirit.com

Tom DeVeau is the man who makes our oil boxes and scrollwork ornaments. To see all the other goodies he makes go to http://www.tomcat-creations.com

Meg Sullivan, MA, LMSW available for transformational readings/healings. Contact her at 315-391-7955 or via email at meg-demerartsangels@verizon.net

Want to find some neat brooms, bells, cauldrons and other magical paraphernalia? Go to http://www.awakethewitch.com

And now Dave, of Dave's Rock fame, has his own site where he talks about near death experiences and other metaphysical matters. Find him at http://www.dharma-talks.com

For a magical journey into the realm of the fairies, visit http://www.fairyhouses.com .There's a wonderful assortment of magical books and videos available, plus information about hosting your own fairy house building event. A lovely way to reconnect children with the wonders of the natural world. Photos and stories abound, sure to inspire you.

Psychic  Ted Silverhand can be found at http://www.tedsilverhand.com

Eric Heath and Debra Hathaway-Heath don't do Sterling any more, but they do Maryland and other classy shows. The have great costume bits, marionettes, and other fun stuff.  Their site can be found at http://www.dragonwings.net  

Welldunn Illustrations has some lovely stuff! It's at http://www.celticfantasy.com

Art, Craft & Informational Sites

Herbnet is the place on the web for everything herbal. Find it at http://www.herbnet.com

Odd, Eclectic & Resistant to Classification
An old friend rediscovered and the source of inspirational music: http://www.kivasong.com

For odd bits of programming and handy applets, the Troll recommends you hit http://www.analogx.com

The source for a wonderfully done, highly configurable screensaver that will have your computer showing the cascading ideograms from The Matrix, visit http://www.kellysoftware.com Try it! Make a donation! Keep this stuff coming!
Traveling in space? Want to know how  to dress? http://www.spaceweather.com


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