Stephen L. Burns, Stories in Print

Some of my fiction is now available in low cost downloadable
versions from Fictionwise. Check them out!


Flesh and Silver, Roc Books, 1999 (winner of the 
Crompton Crook/Stephen Tall award for best first novel.)
Now out of print--grab a copy if you can!

Call From A Distant Shore, Roc Books, August 2000 (Nominee
for the Philip K. Dick Award for Best Paperback Original
Novel) Also out of print.

Paperback Anthologies

Sword and Sorceress edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW Books

S&S #1 1984 Taking Heart

S&S #2 1985 The Black Tower

S&S #4 1987 Redeemer's Riddle

S&S #7 1990 The Bridge over Darikill Fell

Spells of Wonder Marion Zimmer Bradley, ed. DAW 1989. The Arrow's Flight

The Year's Best Fantasy #11, Art Saha ed. DAW 1985(?) Taking Heart



Analog Science Fiction

Jan. 1985 A Touch Beyond 

Mid-Dec. 1985 The Man of Peace

Feb. 1987 In the Kingdom at Morning 

Aug. 1988 The Reading Lesson 

Mid-Dec. 1988 Please to Meat You

Dec. 1989 The Nearly Infinite Possibilities of Junk

Jan. 1990 Angel

Mid-Dec 1991 A Roll of Round Dice 

Jan. 1992 Tranquillity Rose

Apr. 1992 Green Fuse {#10}

10]Jan. 1993 Leap

May 1993 White Room 

Mid-Dec. 1993 Showdown at Hell Creek

Feb. 1994 Song from a Broken Instrument 

Jan. 1995 Down Under Crater Billy

April 1995 Capra's Keyhole

Jan. 1996 Alexandrian Librarians

Jan. 1997 The Wait

March 1997 Pitstop

Feb. 1998 Roll Over Vivaldi {#20)

20]April 1998 The Coverture Incident

Feb. 1999 Vultures

Dec. 1999  You May Already Be A Winner

Jan. 2000  Soapbox Cop Blues

Sept. 2000 Night Voices

Dec. 2000 Eden Tag

Oct. 2001 Going, Going, Gone

May 2002  Look Away

December 2002 Green Light, Red Light

February 2003  Capture Radius {#30}

30] January/February 2004  Short Line Loco

October 2005  Smiling Faces in Hog Heaven

January/February 2007   The Face of Hate

April 2008    Righteous Bite

September 2008 The Fourth Thing

November 2008  Mea Culpa

June 2009  Chain

April 2010  Nothin' But Blue Skies

July/August 2010     Bug Trap

January/February 2011   Stay {#40}

40] April 2012    Follow-up

December 2012   Hearing Impairment

March, 2015    The Teacher's Gamble

April, 2016    Playthings

?  Mission Accomplished


SFWA Bulletin, Fall 1996, Survival Techniques for Bottom Feeders

Small Press

Damnations #1, Ron Leming ed. Next

2 AM Magazine Gretta M. Anderson, ed. The Weather With Morgana

Adventures in Sword & Sorcery Issue #5, Masks of Flesh and Brass
(Double Star Press, PO Box 807, Xenia, OH  45385)