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Ordering, Shipping and Handling.

Hill Woman remains a smallish, a home-based, one woman (and one part-time Computer & Incense Troll) operation dedicated to good products, fair prices, personal service, and keeping one little corner of the universe as free from bull byproducts as humanly possible.

I want ordering from me to be a pleasurable experience, and the arrival of your order  to be a delight.

Phone orders are taken at 800-600-3831, weekday afternoons and evenings are best, but please remember, operators are not standing by.

Please don't call before 9 AM and after 10:30 PM EST.
If my machine takes your message and I don't get back to you in a day or two, please try again.

You can order by phone and pay by credit card for fastest service, or phone in your order so I can have it prepared and ready
to ship when your  check or money order arrives.

And of course you can print out the order form and conduct the entire  transaction by mail.
Rest assured that if you do order, you will not be deluged with junk mail.
I put out one printed catalog per year, and I do not loan, rent, or sell my mailing list to anyone else.

If you have trouble calling, it may be that you have an unlisted number or caller ID blocking service on your phone.
Annoying wee hours calls have forced me to place anonymous call rejection on my line, and you may have to unblock or call from a different phone.

I ship by US Postal Service, generally First Class, and in most cases within a day or  two of getting your order.
Custom orders do of course take longer. More on that down the page a bit. Please consider seasonal changes in postal schedules,
especially around the  holidays, and order early. Remember that my service slows during my two busiest seasons: pre-Christmas,
and during summer when I have cages full of wildlife in rehab. My rates are as follows:

For orders up to $5 S&H= $3.75 From $5.01 to $10 S&H = $5.75 
From $10.01 to $20 S&H = $7.00 From $20.01 to $30.00 S&H = $7.75 
From $30.01 to $50 S&H = $9.00  Over $50 shipping is FREE!

I take Visa, Mastercard and Discover, personal checks, and money orders. I prefer not to  do COD's.
The more legibly you write your order and address, the better my chances of sending
what you want, and having it get there. 
There will be a minimum $20 charge on all returned checks; my bank hates them, and I'm not crazy about them either. 
NY State law makes me collect sales tax on both merchandise and shipping & handling on orders placed within the state.
A few words about packaging. I believe less is better. Most of the paper used in my packaging is recycled and or recyclable. I know I don't like paying for pointlessly expensive packaging, and I  strive to make mine sturdy, attractive, and of minimum impact on the planet. I ship in recycled packaging whenever possible, or in mailers made from recycled materials. I do my best to ensure that your goods will arrive intact, but in case something does arrive broken, please let me know ASAP so I can replace it.

Herbal information shared on these pages is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or
treatment. I try to provide the best, most up to date information I can, but things change 
and new understandings continue to emerge. Awareness and caution about extreme claims
(from any quarter) will serve you well. Time studying and asking questions is never wasted.
I am not responsible for your experiences using -or misusing- these products.
As with anything used in or on the body, moderation is the key to success.
If irritation or discomfort occur, discontinue use immediately.
I will gladly refund your money for any unsatisfactory product you have purchased from me
in exchange for the unused portion of the product.

Okay, let me at the Order Form now!


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