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Party Animals

We've gotten a few pictures of our customers' cats having fun with our legendary Party Animal Catnip Mousies-and now some of them taking rides on our Kitty Magic Carpet and playing with Mr. Sardini's Snake.
So here are some pictures of happy customers.
Is your cat a Party Animal? Send us a picture of him or her playing with his or her catnip mouse.
Prints (non-returnable unless you include a SASE) can be mailed to our regular mailing address,
or you can email reasonable sized jpegs.
Be sure and include you cat's name, and yours too if you want it listed.
On to the Party Animals we have now.

BeaBeatrice Bumblebee Billings Beatrice
MerlinThis is Kathleen's Merlin.
Merlin has a buzz on.
Callie and MotleySusan T's Callie and Motley with their Party Animals
Squirk and Snake Rorchsach with catnip toy The boys

This is Sue M's cat Squirk, caught in the act of mauling his Snake. Great picture

Above are Sue and John Lee's buddies.
At left Rohrschack has the Snake to himself.
At right ithas become the center of attention for all the boys.

ShantzThis is Fritz and Tara's cat, all done up for Christmas. Not  sure
what his or her name is. And we can only assume that the Mousie
is under him (or her) and that glare comes not from being made to
look silly, but  to keep everyone away from her (his?) Party Animal.

ElliotHere's Sue M's Elliot, still playing with his Magic Carpet.
This cat spends the summer up here on the river, and his
winters down in Florida. All that sand. Just think of it . . .


This is Bill, Peg and Ben's Wallace working away at his
Magic Carpet. If you move your mouse over his picture
you get a sort of action shot of Wallace in action.

PhazerDelilahEarlThese are Starke's three cats, all playing with their Mousies. 
At left is Phaser. The middle  picture is Delilah,
and at right is Earl.
Starke's an old friend and longtime customer.

Mystery catWe were sent this picture, and aren't sure who the cat is
--or who sent the photo. Do you recognize this cat? All
we know for sure is that it loves its mousie.
Can you identify the Mystery Cat?

BubbaThis is our friend Joan A's cat Bubba, puttin' a little lovin'
on his catnip mousie. His eyes glow with pleasure!
This Joan is the famous one of Joalle Studios, the woman
who makes the stained glass witches we sell.

LunaHere's our friend Cindy Griffith's cat Luna with
her mousie.
Links to her site can be found on the Hot Links page.

Feel the need to check out the Catnip Toys?

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