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Pillows, Corn Warmers and Potpourri

Eye Pillows, Corn Warmers and Collars

All my Eye Pillows and Corn Warmer are works of love. Each one is sewn and stuffed by me, not in some far-off sweatshop. I choose the fabrics, blend the materials that go in them, and then sew them up.
Some of my customers keep multiples of these items, with certain scents and colors for certain situations. Other times I get calls from people who finally need to replace a beloved Eye Pillow or Corn Warmer that has, over time, just gotten too ratty to use any more. In other words, these and quality handcrafted items that will help make your life a little nicer, and give long service.

Above, Eye Pillows in the basket, Corn Warmers in front of them, and the long thingie is a Corn Collar.

Eye PillowAromatic Eye Pillows
These remain one of my favorite products, made the way I wanted my eye pillow to be. At shows I sit people down in a chair, put one of these pillows over their eyes, then stand  back and smile as an odd little grin of total relaxation and absolute delight  appears on their faces. 
An approximately 5" x 8.5" muslin pillow loosely  filled with flax seeds and aromatic herbs is covered with a cotton case. 
I also now offer, at the request of my customers, a 'Shortie' version, that is 4.5" x 8" and better fits smaller faces. The same price for either size. These are instantly relaxing with no side effects,  and can be used anywhere. Tuck one in your purse or attach for relaxation breaks, or keep one near your bed for restless nights. Naturally cool, they can be chilled in the freezer or microwaved for 20 seconds to warm them.
Our Eye Pillow model is Sue-Ryn's niece Nora--now married with a new baby--sacked out on our couch with an Eye Pillow.
Cotton cased, your choice of color, $12.00 each or 2 for $22.00. 
My Eye Pillow blends are:

Lavender Pure soothing lavender.
Lavender & White Sage Calming, clearing and inspiring.
Unscented (special order)

Corn Warmers
Corn warmers are an old idea with my own fragrant spin.
Corn holds heat longer than any other grain (thank you Selu).Just heat your Corn Warmer in the microwave or regular oven and use it to warm aching bones, cold feet, or chilly beds. 100% cotton flannel print case, and you can choose a general color scheme.
Corn Warmers come scented in two different blends:
Rosemary Eucalyptus to stimulate circulation, or
Herbal Lavender for soothing rest, or
Balsam & Clover.

Small approximately 7" x 10" Corn Warmer $12.00
Medium approximately 8" x 12" Corn Warmer $14.00

Corn collar

Corn Collar -for when life gives you a pain in the neck. Heat 2 minutes in microwave, then wrap your neck or shoulder for soothing warmth. Available in Rosemary Eucalyptus, Soothing Herbal Lavender, or Balsam & Clover. Approximately 4 x 25 inches. Cotton flannel print fabric. $15.00


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