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Have we got what you're looking for? Maybe.
We sure hope so. Below is a listing of our pages, and what's on them for quick reference. 
We've put the various oils up near the top.

By the way, we reserve the right to limit quantities; crazy big orders can wipe us out!

Hot Flashes is the place for news, gossip, and oddities we couldn't resist.
More about HWP
lets you know a bit more about Sue-Ryn and this business.
The Show Schedule is a listing of shows where Hill Woman goods will be available.
Northern Paradise
tells you a bit about our old seasonal shop on Wellesley Island
Ordering is where to go to find out about ordering, shipping, handling, payment.
Order Form takes to more info about shipping costs, etc, and a printable order form.
Hot Links contains links you just might find interesting.
Desperately Seeking Serenity
has spiritual resources for those off the beaten track.
The Guys' Page
offers support, explanations and advice for guys new to this stuff.
The Pets Page
has resources for animal lovers.

Now for the goodies:

Holiday Specials  -O Tannenbaum Spritz and Winter's Wish Potpourri

Aromatherapy Oils and Spritzes -the oils themselves, and some in Spritz form.
Northern Lights * Sanctuary* Serendipity * Slumber * Sickness * Theroma
Breathe Easy * Island Breeze * Lust Potion * Sunny Side Up * High Meadow
Green Woods * Smokeless Smudge *  Ancient Gifts
Spritz kits, Refill Kits * Aromatherapy Best Sellers Sampler  *  Mystical Blends Sampler

Essential Oils
Allspice * Balsam fir * Birch * Cinnamon * Citronella * Clove * Eucalyptus * Fir (Siberian)
Fr. Lavender * Grapefruit * Lemon * Lime * Mandarin Orange * Peppermint * Peru Balsam
Petit grain * Rosemary * Spearmint * Spruce * Sweet Orange * Tangerine

Superior Quality Oils
 Bergamot * Clary sage * Frankincense * Ginger *  Jasmine abs. * Juniper * Lavender -Bulgarian
Lavender-Russian * Lemon eucalyptus * Lemon Grass * Myrrh * Neroli * Patchouli * Rose Geranium
Rose otto * Sandalwood * Sweet Marjoram * Tea Tree * Vetiver * Ylang ylang * Ylang ylang/Patchouli
Rosewood ** Oakmoss/lavender & Oakmoss/petit grain may be available-call

Hill Woman's own Perfume Oils
Are now extinct

Oil Info has information about bottle sizes, the different categories of oils and more.

Wild Woman Resources 
House Blessing Herbs *  Fairy Charm Bags * Elemental Charm Bags
Droppers, Daubers, Orifice Reducers and other oil accessories

Body and Bath
Bath Salts: Northern Lights * Sanctuary * Slumber * Serendipity * Theroma, Soaps

Catnip Mice and Mats
The legendary Party Animal Catnip Mousie *  Kitty Magic Carpet * Mr. Sardini's Snake

Doggy Distress Pillows -for that dog who needs some help

Gift Baskets & Custom work
Information about Gifts and custom work 

Gift Certificates send a Hill Woman Gift Certificate to someone you love

Incense & Candles
Hill Woman Incense: Gypsy * Rendezvous * Lavender * Sanctuary * Spice Box 
Theroma * Woods Scent

Charcoal cakes *  Brass Scent Rings

Pillows and Potpourri
Aromatic Eye Pillows  * Corn Warmers & Corn Collars 
Potpourri: Green Man * Green Lady * Northern Paradise * Serendipity
Floral lavender * Holiday Spice (Spice of Life)

Ritual & Fixative
Copal resin  * Dragon's blood -chunk  *  Frankincense * Lavender-select
* Myrrh  chunk  * Sweet grass braid  * White sage


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