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Desperately Seeking Serenity

For those of you who live in isolated areas, or just don't seem to have the time to find sources of
spiritual inspiration, strength and growth, here are some sources I have found helpful. I live a long
way from anywhere, and the places listed below have helped me keep in touch.

Waves of Wisdom videoWaves of Wisdom   
-a guide to enrich body, mind, and spirit by Marie Marcks and Linda Knowles.
This video contains instructions in self healing motion for the non-ambulatory, a half hour
of gentle yoga instruction, Continuum yoga, meditation and an introduction to Ayurvedic
healing with a guide to help determine your Dosha (physical constitution). Marie and Linda
are both teachers by day, and helpful healers teaching yoga and ayurvedic herbalism during their other hours.

DVD or VHS Cassette   $16.95 each plus $1.50 s&h  plus your NYS Sales Tax if you order
through me, or visit www.healingmotion.com to buy direct from Marie.

Spirituality and Health
PO Box 54151, Boulder Colorado  80322 800-876-8202   subs@spiritualityhealth.com  $29.95 per year
 I've subscribed for a while and this magazine has quickly become a favorite that I read as soon as possible.

The Sun
Subscriptions Dept.  PO Box 46906,  Escondido CA 92046 www.thesunmagazine.org   $36.00 per year
 I resisted the offers to subscribe to this magazine for years, though the black and white photos and the reviews
were very compelling. The universe persisted, I tried a sample copy, and was amazed at the authentic story telling
shared within the pages. Not always pretty stories or easy truths, but real and healing as the light of day.

Sounds True  
Tapes and whole courses of study on tapes by some of the leading spiritual teachers of the day. 
 Free catalog on request Sounds True, PO Box 8010, Boulder CO 80306 800 - 333 - 9185

One Spirit Book Club
 Yes, it's a book club, but they have a great selection, frequent sales, and will deliver it to mail box. 
One Spirit Book Club, Camp Hill PA 17011-9576  800-348-7128

Water on Stone: Women's ways to global change
Inspirational resource newsletter - 10 issues cost$39.00 per year and worth it!
PO Box 3173, Roanoke VA 24015 http://www.wateronstone.com

Chinaberry Books
A wonderfully annotated catalog of books for children and people who nurture them...
A great source of gifts for the children in your life, and the people trying to raise them.
Chinaberry Books, 2780 Via Orange Way STE B, Spring Valley CA  91978  800-670-5200 

Maintaining a stock of all the books I would like to make available to others is beyond my
financial capacities at this time. Since I end up recommending a lot of different titles to folks
seeking their own way on a variety of paths, I've decided to keep a list of recommended titles here.

The Mood Cure
by Julia Ross, M.A. Penguin Putnam 2002 369 pages
Moods . . . we all have them, and they can influence every aspect of our lives.
Julia Ross is a  psychotherapist, and leader in the field of nutritional psychology.
This basically a book about nutrition that can help people restore a balanced sense of wellbeing by overcoming stress, depression, irritability, anxiety, and other mood problems. It starts out with a mood-type questionnaire  and then goes into causes and effects of dietary changes and nutritional supplements that can help a person  "feel better". One of the things I like most about this work is that it encourages people to eventually cut back and possibly quit using the recommended supplements. It also has extensive information on interactions, dosages, and possible side effects of dosages. A friend who had been given a copy by a friend, gave a copy to me. If it were within my power, I would stand on busy corners and give copies of this book to people.


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