Both Sue-Ryn and I are careful about keeping our virus checkers updated
for our safety and yours. Every incoming and outgoing mail is checked with
Norton or some other Anti-virus solution. But a couple bounced emails suggest that
someone who entered a contest sometime in the past did get a virus, 
and their computer is sending out crap in our and other names. No viruses
are coming from us! This is one reason we only do individual replies to
contest entries and other email. It cuts down the chance that  your email
address could end up getting snapped up on an infected machine. 
Be careful, and please! Keep your virus checker updated!

Anything coming from Postmaster or Mailer Daemon or any other
name from hillwoman is bad stuff coming from a bad place.

The same holds true for this site. All files have been checked before
being uploaded, and any links to other sites provided have also been
checked to make sure they are what they say. We try to maintain a
nice safe zone here at Hillwoman. No spam, no viruses, no spyware
or adware. If you do have problems with adware or spyware, both
Spy Sweeper and Ad-Aware are safe, reliable products. Spy Sweeper
is more aggressive--and harder to use. Ad Aware is good, fast and
easy. The free downloadable versions of either of these programs
can clean out most such junk--junk you may not even know you

Please, be careful out there!

The Troll

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