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Superior Quality Oils

These are the purest, finest oils I can find, balancing price against quality.
They come in a 1 dram bottle unless otherwise noted. The price of each oil depends on quality/scarcity/the price I can negotiate.

Effects code. This a code letter providing information you might find useful.
An @ symbol indicates that the oil may be used for Aromatherapy. R = Rejuvenating,
S = Sedative, G = Grounding, C = Cleansing, B = Balancing, M = Meditation, E = Energizing.
P is a pregnancy warning. The use of any essential oil on the body during pregnancy is
not recommended, with the possible exception of Mandarin Orange. The warning is here
for oils known to be threatening to the health of the mother and developing child.
P. Davis in "Aromatherapy, A to Z" has a wonderful pregnancy belly massage/body oil recipe.
The Musks have been moved to the Fragrance Oil category.

Certain oils have a number followed by % in the effects column. This is the percentage
dilution in Jojoba. The straight version of these oils would cost many times more per dram.
The Rose otto, for instance, would sell undiluted for somewhere in the neighborhood of
$60 per dram - a neighborhood not everyone can afford to visit. But do not let the
dilution lead you to believe that these are weak or faint oils; they are splendid, potent,
and lasting.
Oils with a D after their name are best used on the body when diluted in a carrier oil.

By the way, we reserve the right to limit quantities; crazy big orders can wipe us out!

Oils with the ^ character before them are being delisted, available only while supply lasts
Oil,  Latin name,  Effects and/or scent,  Main source
- $6.00 D Citrus berg. @ B; citrusey sweet,  Italy
^Clary Sage - $6.00 D Salvia sclarea @ P E; smoky,  Brazil
Frankincense - $10.00 Boswellia sp. @ C M; soothing, resinous, Africa
Geranium (Rose) -$8.00 Pelargon sp. @B C; green & rosy,  Reunion
^Jasmine absolute - $10.00 Jasminum gra. @ R B E; 20%; the real thing, Morocco
Lavender (Bulgarian) $8.00 Lavendula spec. @ R S C potent & lasting,  Bulgaria
^Lemon Grass $6.00 Cymbopogon  cit. @ C E; like it sounds,  Guatemala
Myrrh - $10.00 A Commiph. sp. @ C M G; bitter, pungent,  Africa
^Neroli - $10.00 Citrus auran. @ R E M; 20%; warm, ethereal,   Morocco
^Oregano -wild  $6.00 Origanum vulg. @G C P; Hungary
^Palo Santo berry
- $10.00 Bursera grav. @ S G,   Yugoslavia
Patchouli -$8.00  Pogostemon cab. @ B G; a very good grade of a perennial favorite India
--also in 2 drams for $15.00
^Rose otto - $12.00 Rosa damasc @ R C B S; 20%; heavenly!  Bulgaria
^Sandalwood - .5 dr for $16.00 half drams only-see note. Santallum mar. @ E M C; undiluted, India
^Sandalwood 20% dilution in jojoba; 1 dram bottle, $12.00
^Tea Tree $6.00 Melaleuca aalt. @ C E; medicinal, herby Australia
^Vetiver  -$8.00 Vetivera zizan. @ S G E; woody, insect repellent  Reunion
^Ylang ylang -$8.00 Canaga od. @ S; sweet & fruity, 'Flower of Flowers',  Comoro Isl.

Note: Sandalwood continues to rise in price, my wholesale prices climbing ever upward.
Controls on the harvest and export of sandalwood has forced its price to go up
dramatically over the last few years, and it will continue to become more expensive in
the future. But because of such controls it will be available in the future. All oils come
from renewable resources, but they renew at different rates, are harvested in different
manners, and take differing amounts of material to produce a given measure of oil,
which in turn is reflected by their price. Then there are the effects seasonal and political
climates can have on agricultural pursuits. So here we have another reason to support world
peace: our world will smell better for it. There are cheaper sandalwood oils out there.
Some are of a lesser grade, some are diluted.  This is a very good grade, undiluted.

Samples of any of these or my other oils can be had for $1 each, five samples maximum. Or you can try my

Bewildered by bottle sizes or oil types? Go to Oil Info for enlightenment.
Want daubers, droppers or orifice reducers? Go to the Wild Woman page

Please store your oils away from children, pets, and anyone
who is not aware of their potential health hazard.
Some companies advocate the consumption of oils. I DO NOT.
Such concentrated plant essences should not be taken internally.

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