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Wild Woman Resources

Actually, I had hoped to create Wild Woman Resources as a separate catalog, but as all too often happens in our lives, time and money did not quite come  together for another project.

House Blessing Herbs
My House Blessing Herbs are a blend of herbs, flowers, spices and roots symbolic of peace, prosperity, protection, and other positive powers  most people wish to maintain in their homes.
With an idea sheet explaining the botanical associations and general outlines for for simple rituals compatible
 with a variety of spiritual paths. House Blessing blend is $7.00 per scoop. Want a cloth bag for it? Add $1.00

Legalese warning:] To conform with the law I must tell you that all  such charms contain only the power you invest in them.

Peaceful moments pouch
Peaceful Moments Pouch

This is a small, wearable sachet of Lavender and White Sage, with some Rose Quartz crystals added to enhance the mellowing effects off the herbs. Friends have reported tucking them into their pillows, stashing them in their knitting bags, keeping them in their cars, and gifting them to grateful friends. Some color choice possible. $7.00 each.

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