Planting Thoughts

a few weeds from
 the word garden


Gardener's black gold is you traded for me inside milch cow. (5)
Most of Taos strives for balance. (3)
Back then, back of Spago. (3)
Present something, make something; bug spray before quick emergency room. (5)
At first pretty quick reponse to three letter sequence. (3)
11 Tech job designation is start of itch, in a ditch and at end of split. (2)
12 Beloved insect fine in driveway but would make mess in garden; spring geese formation voiceover shaggy boot brand. (2, 3)
14 Hardy flowering plant is harvest from rocky ground? (5, 4) (9)
16 Mythical critters found in ourselves? (5)
17 In a vat but not a barrel, in a crate but not in a basket. (2)
18 Grain for Canadian whiskey may surround ham. (3)
19 Sonic quality weighs two thousand pounds in Alabama. (5)
21 Certain kind of eggs; robe after a bee had been released from it. (3)
22 Distress call for scrubbing pots made famous by Abba. (3)
23 Cleans shelves and treats for insects. (5)


Famous Chairman isn't full blooded Maori. (3) Remainders of last night's dinner make crazy lover fest. (9)
Gleaned or gathered garden's bounty; mixed up, he starved. (9)
Best on shelves outdo marks on livestock. (3, 6)
What we call the family doctor; we're a confused group. (3, 2)
Appropriately, stick it in fly. (5)
10 Goal to be met, close to how the Raven spoke. (5)
13 Downsized bathroom overseas in front of Mr. Fields. (2)
14 Peons, sounds like he rides waves. (5)
15 Upper right part of US in chemical shorthand for bar sign content. (2)
20 Newsman Nessman at head of long-running Broadway hit about French turmoil. (3)



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