Bonus clues for the lost, confused, or desperate.

White stuff on the ground; see it in crazy felon's lawn. (6, 4)
The answer is FALLEN SNOW, an anagram of felon's lawn.
12 Bad housing you get when you take the pea off a downturn. (4)
The answer is SLUM: bad housing; take the pea (P) off a downturn SLUM(P)
26 The inevitable result of dealing with 1 across found in bellyaching backtalk. (6, 4)
The answer is ACHING BACK, which you get from shoveling fallen snow, as found in bellyACHING BACKtalk.

Adam's green Christmas pet is balsam+short rd. + energy flow + really good grade. (5, 4)
The answer is FIRST CHIA: Adam's green Christmas pet is balsam (FIR) + short rd. (ST) + energy
flow (CHI) + really good grade (A)
16 Planetarium or composer's name sounds like a call for attention--or horse fodder--and the word for loud dissonance. (5)
The answer is Haydn: the name of both a composer and planetarium; a call for attention (HEY) or horse fodder (HAY) and the word for loud dissonance (DIN).
18 Skating knee-breaker found deep amidst Boston yams. (5)
The answer is TONYA (as in Harding) found deep amidst BosTON YAms.

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