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Oil Info  -A Guide for the Confused

My regular customers have over the years gotten the hang of the different kinds of oils
I offer, and the different bottle sizes they come in. But for those of you who are new to the
Wonderful World of Oils -and for those wanting a refresher- a brief mini-course.
To begin with, I offer four different kinds of Oils:

Aromatherapy Oils  are my own blends of high quality Pure Essential Oils,
and have been created to be used just as the name suggests.
Add a few drops to your bath as you fill the tub. Use them to scent massage oils, or in a scent ring or diffuser. Quite a few people wear them as therapeutic perfume.
Aromatherapy oils come in a 1 dram bottle, except in a couple cases, and are priced according to the cost of their ingredients

Pure Essential Oils are just that; pure, high quality plant essences, some more
common than others. They are the same type of oils listed under Superior Quality Oils, just
more common and hence less expensive. They come in a 2 dram bottle and are $5 - $8  each.

Superior Quality Oils are pure, high quality plant essences, upscale relatives of Pure Essential Oils. Most come in a 1 dram bottle, and they range in price from $4.00 to $8.00 per  dram, but a couple really expensive ones come in half drams. More expensive than Pure Essentials, they come from rarer sources or are of a special superior quality. Jasmine, Carnation, Neroli and Rose otto, and a couple others are offered in a 20% dilution in Jojoba oil. The pure plant essences I make them from are very highly concentrated and dismayingly expensive; I offer them in this manner because a 1 dram of straight Rose Otto, for instance, would have to retail for in the neighborhood of over $100.00--which is a neighborhood most of us can't afford. Don't let the dilution fool you, these are extremely potent and splendidly aromatic essences.

There are some folks out there promoting the concept that anyone who has several oils at the same price is up to something. While I am a strong believer in consumer awareness, I have to disagree that this is necessarily a warning sign; in fact, I am rather offended by such claims. Well over 30 years of selling oils have taught me that using broad price categories when possible makes it easier on both me and the customer. The small cost differences of a few cents one way or other tend to balance out in the end.

Where do I get my  oils? The short answer is: from American suppliers, some of whom I have been dealing with for over 25 years, and whose quality assurance I trust implicitly.
While oils may vary slightly from batch to batch because they are natural essences affected by climate other planetary events, they are for the most part consistent in quality on all levels. It they aren't, I'm the first to complain. I do not purchase my oils in huge quantities from spot markets run by fly-by-night operators, or anyone off-shore. Nor am I a multilevel marketer parroting some rote memorized sales pitch without any real understanding of what I'm selling and its possible effects--positive and negative. 
I've been dealing with and in oils for roughly thirty years now, but I would be the  first one to tell you I don't know everything about oils, nor would I ever claim that only my oils are any good.
Trade in oils and herbs is historic, steeped in lore and learning, and honorable, a vocation with more than money in mind.

Bottle sizesBottle sizes
Since we cannot show an actual size
drawing the way we do in the brochure,
here instead is a hopefully useful graphic
which shows the comparative size with
approximate height and width in inches.

2 drams equal approximately 1/4 ounce,
1 dram = 1/8 ounce
1/2 dram = 1/16 ounce; only Sandalwood is sold in half drams

As noted elsewhere, I am not responsible for your experiences
using these oils or any of my other products.
If you do not know what something is, or how to use it, please ask.
As with anything used on or in the body, moderation is the key to success.
If irritation or discomfort occur, discontinue use immediately. I will gladly
refund your money for any unsatisfactory product you have purchased from
me in exchange for the unused portion of that product.
The Oils I offer here are for external use only.
If you have any doubts about your reaction to an oil or any other product,
you can -and should- 'patch test' it first. Apply a small amount of the product
to the inside of your elbow. Cover with a Band-Aid for a few hours. If no 
irritation or redness result, go ahead and use it.
If you develop a rash, or have ANY other kind of reaction,
immediately wash it off and do not use any more of that product.

Please store your oils away from children, pets, and anyone who
is not aware of their potential health hazard.
Some companies advocate the consumption of oils. I DO NOT.
Such concentrated plant essences should not be taken internally.

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