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"One sniff and you'll forget your woes, praying to be entirely nose."
Catullus, Songs 13

Sue-Ryn and Belle the CatMy name is Sue-Ryn Hildenbrand-Burns, and for about--or over--30 years now I've been offering a growing list of delights and necessities through the mail with my company, Hill Woman Productions. HWP offers a wide variety of herbal goods, but I'm probably best known as a chooser and blender of scents. There are myriad suppliers out there, and I buy from quite a few of them, striving to offer the best value in any particular  essential oil for my own use and yours. The picture at left is from years ago, old KC, who has been gone for years, helping me with catnip.

Perhaps you have learned the hard way that, for example, not all Patchoulis are created equal. I probably have samples from several different suppliers for most of the oils I stock, and I'm sampling new oils all the time. When I find something  that makes my eyes light up, I try to offer it to you.

Some of my earliest memories are entwined with the scents of the Earth. Burning autumn leaves, the heady smell of needle-carpeted ground under the huge pines I climbed as a young child, the richness of the soil in my
mother's vegetable gardens,  the sassafras leaves my dad handed me on one of our many walks, the scent of the Atlantic on early, uncrowded mornings; all are filed away with memories and fond emotions. I was closer to the ground then. It was easy.

Sue-Ryn and DelilahMany years and moves later, I live on an island in the St. Lawrence River, and I still have a deep appreciation for the fragrances of my environment. That's me at left, with new rescue dog Delilah.

Most of the inspirations for my various blends have drifted my way from some part or season of this splendid planet. Creating scents is not a literal process; it is part science, part art, and perhaps even a little bit of magic. 
White pine essential oil is not quite the same as the incense those grand beauties bestow on a lucky stroller. The essential oil does smell of moist rock, old earth, and yes, pine. . .
But a walk on the ridge among them smells of so much more, and that is where I want to take people. When I create a potpourri, bath, or aromatherapy formula I want to awaken the heart of the one who experiences it. I want to stimulate a fond memory, untie a knot, or provoke a vision.

I have been practicing the art of blending oils for a long time, and each of my Perfume blends has its own devoted following, as  do my Aromatherapy blends, and the Bath Salts, Spritzers, and Incense made with them. Those who have been through my old  booth at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, seen me at shows, or visited my old shop, Northern Paradise, have had a chance to experience my fragrant wares. For those who haven't, up to five samples per order are available  for $1 each plus S&H --see
Ordering, Shipping & Handling for more info.

Sue-Ryn at the FaireFor 27 years I was the herb lady at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. I was invited to fill that position by the owners back when the booths were mostly 6 x 6 sheds, the paths were dirt, and the landscape stayed green most of the season. Friends had discouraged me from getting involved with the faire. They said it would take up my whole summer show season and it would never work because the festival was charging five dollars just to get into the show. They were right about the first part.

It was really fun to be part of such a creative community of people who mostly valued the same things I did. The diversity of people who came to me for help or guidance through all those summers inspired some of my best work and encouraged many dimensions of growth.

Between new family responsibilities after my Mom's death in 2004 and becoming a NY State Wildlife Rehabilitator, and other changes stretched thin became stretched even thinner, and something had to give way to change.  2005 was my final season at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. There's a bit more about my leaving the faire at the faire page.
That show goes on into its next phase and so does mine.

At the end of 2007 I closed my shop, Northern Paradise, and sold the building. Why?
Time. I have a lot going on, more and more time devoted to taking care of wild creatures as a Wildlife Rehabber, helping some of our aging relatives and friends (some of whom resemble wild creatures!), Library Board commitments, and trying to reclaim and expand some of the gardens we started long ago, occasional walks in the beauty of this place, instigation of creative play with my women friends, occasional appearances at new shows, and generally doing what's needed to keep ourselves alive and well like everyone else proved to be more important than the shop.

It's trite to say, but true. I am in transition. Other creative endeavors continue to keep me busy learning new tricks; I've gotten pretty good with a crochet hook and am playing with the pile of scrap fabric all these years have generated.

What I do know for certain about creativity is that it's very much like love: eternal. It is a river that will always find its way. I do have some creative projects going on, growing in fits and starts amidst my many other responsibilities. There are some writing projects developing. We will all just have to patiently wait and see what stays and what goes.

All my best, Sue-Ryn


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